Month: January 2023

Damasquina, the flower that repels the whitefly

Image – Flickr / tacowitte The whitefly is one of the pests that most affect plants, and in particular horticultural plants such as tomatoes. It multiplies very quickly and in large numbers, so that various products have had to be developed to, at least, control it … but without much success. Fortunately, now we can […]

How to plant a pineapple: when and where to plant it

Summer is the time when we find ourselves in supermarkets with pineapples to buy. They are ripe, delicious and surely you have ever eaten one that you were sorry to finish because it was delicious. But, what if we told you that you can learn how to plant a pineapple and choose the best specimens […]

Guide to buy a set for terrace

With the arrival of spring and summer we spend more time outside the house than inside. If you have a terrace, you will surely enjoy going out in the morning, or perhaps in the afternoon to relax. And of course, you need to have a patio set to sit onor lie down, and a table […]

How to choose citrus compost?

Do you have any orange, mandarin, lemon or any other fruit tree of the Citrus genus? Then you should know that are plants that need regular fertilizationsince in this way it is avoided that they have chlorosis problems, as well as that they become weak and become diseased trees. And it is that it is […]

Coccinella septempunctata: characteristics, life cycle and uses

Surely you have ever met seven-point medicine. It is a species that belongs to the coccinellidae family and is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa. Its scientific name is Coccinella septempunctata and it has great potential in the use of the control of other pests that can attack crops and plants in gardens. It […]

Garlic and its cultivation | Gardening On

Garlic is obtained through a culture that needs certain care and specific points of attention to ensure optimal growth and a good harvest. Would you like to know how to grow garlic correctly? Keep reading, since in this article we will talk a little about garlic and its cultivationfocusing mainly on the following aspects. Aspects […]

When and how to plant lettuce?

How to plant lettuce? These vegetables must be one of the most cultivated both in the garden and in pots, and it is that in just three months they are really delicious in salads. But, to take advantage of the season well, it is important to know what steps to follow to plant them, since […]

Heat stress in plants: symptoms and treatment

Even the hardiest plant can have a hard time during an especially hot summer or a heat wave. But how does it react to a rise in temperatures for which it was not prepared? Thermal stress is a problem that, as fans of gardening and / or agriculture, we must know, since no crop is […]

How to drive away mice?

Mice are animals that tend to cause fear in some people, and things get complicated when they tell you that they have quite large litters. In this situation, anything is done to avoid having them around. However, using chemicals is not only dangerous for the environment, but it can also be dangerous for us, so […]

When and how are acorns collected?

Acorns are one of the edible fruits that finish maturing in autumnwhen the temperatures begin to drop and the summer heat gives way to the cool that is so appreciated in the months of September to November. It is at this time, when plant lovers have to prepare our garden so that winter passes without […]

How to care for Prunus serotina?

Image – Wikimedia / Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz The Prunus serotine It is a well-known tree among European horticulturists that fights against invasive species. And, what seemed like a harmless introduction of a plant to that continent in 1623, today it seems to like the climate so much that it has become naturalized throughout almost the […]

What is the aquaponics system? Everything you need to know

In agriculture, attempts have been made on numerous occasions to optimize cultivation conditions to improve both the land used and the raw materials and resources used. One of the most revolutionary systems is aquaponics. Many people do not know what is aquaponics nor how to get the most out of it. Therefore, we are going […]

Learn how to grow and harvest quinoa

Quinoa is a cereal plant and its seeds are rich in protein. This makes this grain a good nutritious food that can be easily planted. Although it is of vegetable origin, the protein of quinoa is known as one of the most “complete” in the world of plants. Hence, this makes quinoa quite popular among […]

How are indoor bonsai cared for?

Bonsai are trees that are kept in trays and are cared for to make them look pretty. Often such a good job is done with them that it is easy to want to have one inside the house to give an oriental touch to its decoration. But, The problem is that no one tells us […]

Miyawaki reforestation method: creating forests in record time

Image – Flickr / Prefecture of the Province of Guayas Every year deforestation, that is, the massive felling of trees, is a problem that is getting worse and worse. Whether it is because you want to turn these lands into farmlands, or in urban areas, these plants and the animals that live in them see […]

What to sow in July: Tips and examples of vegetables

Is it a good idea to plant vegetables in July? What to sow in July? This question is asked by many new people in the world of cultivation and the answer is very simple: Of course it is! While it is true that the high temperatures this month do not suit all vegetables, yes there […]

How to remove weeds correctly?

Wild herbs are plants that grow at such a rapid rate that, if left unchecked, they could invade the entire garden in a matter of a few weeks. To avoid this, it is very important to remove them, but if we do not do it well, they will sprout again. Therefore, it is necessary to […]

Rainbow plants, the new fake products to sell more

If from time to time you like to buy seeds online, it is likely that you have seen ads for sellers that offer seeds of supposed rainbow plants, or very bright colors. We are not going to deny it: they are precious…, but they would be more so if they were real. The sad reality […]

When are the oranges harvested

Do you like oranges? If so, and if you also have a garden or a patio (or maybe a balcony) you have a tree of the species that produces them, right? And it is that this fruit tree, apart from allowing us to savor its fruits, is also very decorative because in spring its small, […]

How to choose plastic pots? We show you the best models

When plants are grown the plastic pots They are one of the essential accessories that you cannot miss. If they are chosen well, they are very durable, as well as beautiful, so they are interesting to have. However, they are often not given the maintenance they need, and sooner rather than later end up being […]

How to grow pumpkins at home in a simple way

The pumpkin is a vegetable It is relatively easy to plant and grow, and although there are several types of pumpkinsuch as green, orange, grated, rounded or elongated, etc., in any case, the cultivation process turns out to be the same. It is essential that the land chosen for cultivation receives sun as it is […]

What is the plant cell and what parts does it have?

Mitosis in plant cells seen through the microscope.Image – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It is not strange that we think that plants are beings that, apparently, do not move and that they are always more or less the same. That they react to the changes of season, but … little else. However, the reality is […]

All about the Aristolochia | Gardening On

Image – Flickr / PINK The genus of plants Aristolochia They are characterized by having very curious flowers, which is why they are interesting to grow in gardens, or if you prefer on terraces or balconies, where they will look great if their stems are allowed to hang. Its leaves also have ornamental value, although […]

How to block the view of the neighbor

Whether you live in a single-family house, in a chalet or in an apartment, you have neighbors. And often gossipy neighbors. So when the good weather arrives and you start spending more time on the terrace, the garden or the poolwhat you don’t want is to have some “piercing eyes” watching everything you do and […]

Main diseases that affect rose bushes

For all plants there are a large number of threats that can kill them. From pests to diseases. Today we are going to talk about the diseases that can attack rose bushes. Surely we all like roses and many decide to plant rose bushes at home and then give them away. However, we must be […]

How to buy exterior roller blinds

One of the elements that we use the most in Spain to protect ourselves from the sun are the blinds. And in this case there are many types, although the most common are outdoor roller blinds. Now, Do you know how to buy them with your head? Do you choose the models that are closest […]

What are limestone soils and how are they characterized?

The limestone soils They are some of the most that we can find in many parts of the world. In Spain, as in much of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as in the Balearic Islands we have to keep it very present when designing a garden if we want to choose the plants well. But […]

Ideas and tools that save water in your garden

The reduction of green areas it is usually one of the main aspects caused by multiple days of drought, violent storms, empty tanks and many other traumatic consequences for this planet. If you are one of the people who love plants and nature In general, we invite you to review the following tools that allow […]

How to repel grasshoppers | Gardening On

We all would like to have plants that are always healthy and protected against pests, but from time to time we can find insects that are particularly harmful, and not because they rot the roots, but because they eat the leaves. These are grasshoppers, locusts, and cicadas. Their appetite is voracious, especially when they are […]

Rolled leaves on plants: causes and treatment

Image – Wikimedia / Smartse Rolled leaves on plants are one of the symptoms that can worry us the most. And not for lack of reasons, since we all like to see the leaves unfolded, wide open, and of their natural color because that means they are healthy. But of course, when they hook up, […]

What types of bonsai are there?

Did you know that there are different types of bonsai? Although they all seem to us, in principle, more or less the same, the reality is that these small trees grown in a tray are classified in several ways, being one of the main ones by size and style. Knowing these classifications is very interesting, […]

How to make cement pots? Find out step by step

If you like crafts and get yourself an object that is resistant, then put on the gloves that in this article you are going to learn how to make cement pots. The plastic ones, although they are specially designed to withstand the inclemency of the weather, in the end after a few years they also […]

How is Calamintha sylvatica cared for and what is it like?

Image – Wikimedia / Xemenendura If you like aromatics with precious flowers, we recommend giving the Calamintha sylvatica. Although it is herbaceous, it grows large enough to be used, for example, as a path-marking plant, or to be grown in container gardens. Maintenance is really easy; in fact, with minimal care, it will flower for […]

How to get rid of ants from plants

Plants, no matter how well cared they are, can also be victims of pests. To combat them, it is necessary to know why they have appeared, in order to eradicate the root problem. Now you might wonder how to remove ants from plants. Undoubtedly, these are insects that every year make an appearance in your […]

Cryptogamic diseases of plants: What they are and examples

As many of you already know, plants do not only suffer from pests, but they can also suffer from various diseases. There are different types of these. They are usually distinguished by the pathogenic agent that causes them. In this article we will talk about cryptogamic diseases of plants. This term may not sound familiar […]

Characteristics, care and uses of Campanula portenschlagiana

A plant with an unpronounceable name but with very useful characteristics is the Campanula portenschlagiana. Its common name is Dalmatian bluebell. It is a plant native to southern Europe that is used for decoration in gardens. Its color is very beautiful and it has characteristics that make it become a very peculiar plant. In this […]

Flowers to give as a gift depending on the occasion

There is no gift that is more beautiful and appreciated than flowers, since giving them away turns out to be one more way of communicationfor example, they can be given away when you want to send a message with which you could substitute the words. On some occasions, giving flowers is usually a way to […]

Tropical forest: characteristics, climate, flora and fauna

Among the most diverse biomes on our planet is the tropical forest. It is a type of forest formed by arboreal ecosystems that are present throughout the intertropical strip. The tropical forest houses some ecosystems such as forests or rain forests such as those of the Amazon and the Congo. The name of tropical forest […]

Why have a hotel for insects? The importance of pollination

We are immensely lucky to live on a planet where life can exist and where there is such a diversity of animal and plant species that the eyes often do not know where to stop to contemplate such beauty. But in recent times, especially after the Industrial Revolution, it seems that we have forgotten that […]

When to Plant Arugula: Top Tips and Tricks

One of the most used crops for own consumption when we make an urban garden arugula. However, there are many people who do not know when to plant arugula in order to optimize its growth and have better results when harvesting. For this reason, we are going to dedicate this article to telling you when […]

Ideas and suggestions for gardens with swimming pools

When you think of gardens with swimming poolin an automatic way, people’s minds tend to move towards a completely comfortable, relaxed and fresh environment and that is, what place would be better to rest or meet friends and family for fun? Thinking about this, in this article we will give you some ideas or suggestions […]

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