Ideas and suggestions for gardens with swimming pools

gardens with poolWhen you think of gardens with swimming poolin an automatic way, people’s minds tend to move towards a completely comfortable, relaxed and fresh environment and that is, what place would be better to rest or meet friends and family for fun? Thinking about this, in this article we will give you some ideas or suggestions so you can decorate your garden with a pool.

Ways to decorate a garden with a pool

Garden level with a large pool

gardens with swimming pool

gardens with poolIt is usually the dream of a large number of people, a large lot with a spacious house and obviously, a extensive garden with a swimming pool. In this case, the best decoration would be to opt for large trees, which provide shade, as well as a well-kept and beautiful meadow, either made of natural or completely artificial grass.

On one side of the pool a relaxation area where you have the possibility to rest whenever you want, like reading or simply sunbathing. It is best to place some sun loungers under a pergola that can be both wooden and metal or in a awning that has curtainswhich offers shade only when you want it.

Under the pergola you could place a relaxation area in which you can place garden furniture made with rattan or wood and several cushions on the floor to take advantage of the space.

Garden with irregular pool

If you have a lot of space and you don’t like straight cut poolsYou can opt for a sinuous pool, which could be in the shape of an 8, a kidney or any other design that fits the space.

You can place it in the middle of the garden or in a corner especially dedicated to relaxing moments and if what you want is to give it a more country appearance, you can put some medium or large plants and create a path that leads to the pool.

You can also surround the edges by laying composite or wooden flooring in order to give a warmer and more natural look to the garden and clearly, you should not forget the comfortable furniture where you will rest.

Garden with natural pool

If you want your garden to look as similar as possible to that lake or stream where you bathed when you were just a child, we recommend opting for an ecology or natural poolwhich does not require any chemical treatment when performing maintenance.

It requires gravel, sand and / or volcanic stonesapart from plants that help purify the water while providing a much more natural and enjoyable appearance, exactly as you want it.

In this case, the pool must be surrounded by completely natural materials which provide continuity to the whole set. Also, the edges could be made of wood or natural stone, to give a warm and very pleasant appearance.

Closed garden

closed gardens with swimming pool

enclosed gardens with poolIt is not necessary to have a very large garden to have the opportunity to enjoy good weather in a pool.

If you have a backyard, you have the possibility to condition it as you wish. To start, you need hide it in order to avoid unwelcome glancesTo do this, you can cover the fence using the concealment fence that you like the most and fits your style, and then place a shower, a deck chair and a parasol to complement the whole set.

Garden with removable pool

When choosing your pool, you have the possibility to choose between different shapes, sizes and materials.

An excellent alternative is usually removable pools, which have the advantage that they do not require any type of work to be installed and in relation to the finish, you can choose steel and stone effect, rattan or wooddespite the fact that undoubtedly the most decorative are usually those covered with wood.

Place the pool where you want, set up the rest area around you and that’s it.

Ideas and suggestions for gardens with swimming pools

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