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grow garlicGarlic is obtained through a culture that needs certain care and specific points of attention to ensure optimal growth and a good harvest.

Would you like to know how to grow garlic correctly? Keep reading, since in this article we will talk a little about garlic and its cultivationfocusing mainly on the following aspects.

Aspects to consider when growing garlic

plant garlicplant garlicSuitable temperature for growing

It is possible to plant garlic in various climatic zones, however, in the warmer and rainier areasgrowing garlic could become a bit more complicated than normal.

In that case, it is necessary a slightly colder periodeither at the beginning or the middle of the growing cycle in order to keep the temperature between 0 ° -15 ° C and in this way promote the development of the bulbs; because the plants practically do not develop the bulbs if the temperature is higher than 25 ° C.

So the perfect temperature to grow garlic turns out to be typical of mild climates in the course of plant growth and bulb development, which should be followed by several months slightly warmer to get the bulbs to ripen properly.

In addition, the time of exposure to sunlight that you should receive your garlic crop on a daily basis is essential to ensure success.

Choose the ground

It is possible to grow garlic in not very fertile soilswhich do not have a great availability of nitrogen. However, the best would be to grow it in light soilthat has good drainage and that also has enough organic matter, so the ideal soil pH should be between 5,5 and 8,3.

Where to grow garlic?

Garlic could easily be grown not only in orchards and gardensbut also potted. Garlic cultivation is usually carried out during the fall, as in colder regions it is possible to grow it at the end of the summerbeginning the fall or when the spring begins. While in the regions with milder winter, the cultivation could be done in both autumn and winter.

Likewise, and for planting in warmer areas, it is possible store garlic cloves in the refrigerator at a temperature between 0 ° -10 ° C, for a period of 1-2 months before the final planting.

How to ensure proper sowing of garlic?

  • Plant all the garlic cloves in their final place with a depth between 3-5cmeven 8cm deep if it is done in regions with very low temperatures.
  • Place the thinnest part of each tooth upwards.
  • The space between each planting line must have between 25-30 cmwhile between plants it should be 10cm.

How to water the garlic crop?

garlic as a seasoning

garlic as seasoningThe irrigation of the crop must be do frequently so that the soil is moist in the initial stage of plant development. As the bulbs begin to grow, the frequency with which they are watered is reduced and with 10-20 days until harvest, watering is stopped.

Care required for crops

  • Always eliminate invasive plants that could take you away garlic resources and nutrientsat least in the first trimester.
  • Do not plant garlic in places where onion or garlic was recently planted, otherwise, the risk of possible diseases for cultivation

When and how is garlic harvested?

Harvesting garlic takes between 16-36 weeks after sowing it, depending on the place used, the region and of course, the time of year.

The right time for harvest is when the leaves turn yellow and dry. For one appropriate collectThe entire plant should be uprooted without removing the leaves, preferably on sunny and dry days.

Garlic and its cultivation | Gardening On

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