When to prune lemon and orange trees

Orange and lemon trees are part of the family of the most consumed citrus fruits in the world, so it is not uncommon to have one in your home garden. One of the most outstanding cares is pruning, since its main purpose is to improve its productive conditions. Although it can be said that this […]

How is the joy of the house and what care does it need

Surely you have ever seen the joy of the house, also known as Impatiens walleriana. They are a very popular plant that you can have both inside and outside the home and that stands out for its flowering. But, how is the joy of the house? What care do you need? If you want to […]

What is the best tomato in Spain?

Answer the question of “What is the best tomato in Spain?» It is something especially complicated. Because not all of us value the same thing when we enjoy these vegetables. Even within the same variety, there are those who prefer the tomato to be more ripe and those who enjoy it more if it is […]

Rosa ‘Pierre de Ronsard’: main characteristics and care

The world of roses is quite extensive, especially if we take into account that many rose bushes have been created scientifically and that has made the types that you can find more encompassed. But, one such rose has a peculiar beauty: the ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ rose. Haven’t you heard of her? Don’t you know what […]

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