Gardening Tips for beginners (Guest Post)

Guest Post written by Sadiahmb

Gardening tips for beginners

Clean up the area
This is first but one of the important steps in gardening. What if you have only a lawn with no rose or plants? Yes, it will look empty and kind of barren. Clean the lawn by removing winter and summer fall and fix the position for new plants. Take a look in the given picture there is only grass; this place can be more attractive and beautiful if we add shrubs, plants and rose plant. A beautiful green lawn with plants and flowers gives you sense of relaxation.

Time to weed any existing garden beds
If you are a beginner and had no idea about the weeds, then you can talk to any online gardening specialist, or you may find them near your house. For sure they are going to help you.
Edge your garden beds
You just need to create a break between garden and beds. You can make it straight, round or the way you want but a curve line makes the garden more beautiful. You can cut the straight beds in to curve and round one but use this idea according to your garden texture.
If your lawn had no plants at all then, Mulch will help you to give a tidy look to your garden. It helps to suppress the seeds and maintain moisture in the soil. Remember; do not make the layer thick more than 3-4 inch. Keep a little place among plants so they can grow easily.
Edge the lawn along the drive and walk side
Have you ever seen women wearing eyeliner that make her more prominent and stunning, if you want to make your garden more prominent then you have to work on its drive and walk side. If the lawn is overgrown, you have to work hard to maintain the lawn; once you maintain it, then you can make it balance with the help of electric edger.
Mostly we focus on the front side of the lawn and let the backside simple, I did this in my old house, but now I am the person that works on every edge of the lawn and have a variety of plants throughout the lawn.

Determine your style
How do you like the things in a simple way or in a stylish way? Of course, everybody wants a style and appreciation. You can take the ideas by visiting many online sites, or you can hire anyone that will help you to style your garden.
Plant your garden according to sun direction so all the plants will be able to get equal sunlight, You can grow those plants in dark side which don’t need sunlight.
A beginner usually makes this mistake, and they had an image they will get a rosy plant in just a few days without any effort.
If you want to get a lovely garden, adjust your time, spend most of the time with plants just in the start, once they grow up, it’s a time to sit, take a deep breath and inhale the fragrance of the flowers.

Guest Post written by Sadiahmb

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