Who to hire to reform the garden?

You have to look for a reformer when you want to put automatic irrigation

Sometimes it happens that we stop liking a certain area of ​​the garden, or that over the years it begins to look old or outdated, and that’s not to mention the problems that can arise much earlier: that if the pool loses water, that if the wooden floor that promised so much is damaged,… There is always something that demands our attention.

And although we can do the small jobs ourselves, it is worth seeking professional advice, since that way we can enjoy the place from the first moment they finish working. But, Who to hire to reform the garden?

How to find a reformer?

If you need to reform your garden, you should hire a professional

If you need to reform your garden, you should hire a professional

For everything to go according to plan, what we have to do is look for a professional, but one who has been hired by other people and has received good reviews from them. How to know? Very easy: today, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to find websites that allow rate companies. To make the search faster and more accurate, you can only search for those in your province, something that will undoubtedly save you time.

Don’t hesitate to use the opinions about renovation companies that other people have left to choose the company that gives you the most confidence.

Who to hire: reformer or interior designer?

Sometimes a reformer is confused with an interior designer, but their functions are really different: if what you want is to renovate the floor of the terrace, make an electrical installation, paint the walls, build a pillar that serves for your climbing plants, or even a pool, you have to hire one renovation company.

But if what you want is to change the design of your terrace, or redistribute the furniture or the areas to make better use of the space, then you have to hire a interior designer specialized, who will be the one to tell you what the best solution is taking into account your tastes and the conditions of the place.

When should you hire a professional to reform a garden?

A reformer is one who can build roads

A reformer is one who can build roads

There are certain jobs that we can do ourselves without hiring anyone, especially if the garden is small and what we want is simply to install a drip irrigation system, or a lattice. But sometimes you have to know when to ask someone to do some jobs, like the following:

  • Paving the floor of the terrace or patio: This is something that seems easy to do, but you’d be surprised how many times it can go wrong. Whether you lay tiles, parquet or other flooring, you must ensure that it is well leveled since otherwise you could stumble.
  • Install lighting in the garden: do you want electric light? Then you need streetlights or lights that are compatible with the electrical system of your home (if they are going to be plugged into your home’s current), or of the garden. And for this, you need to have knowledge of electricity, being the electricians one of the workers who hire, if necessary, the reform companies.
  • Put pergolas and/or columns: pergolas or columns are structures that are beautiful in a garden. There are many types, masonry, wood, aluminum, and also of different sizes. Depending on what you need, a qualified reformer will put you the one you like best, and he will put it right for you, without you having to worry about anything.
  • Install an automatic irrigation system: We will agree that if it is a garden of 5 square meters, for example, it can be done without asking anyone for help, but things change if that garden is large. In these cases, you must have the appropriate advice.
  • Renovate the entire garden: When you want to change it completely, change the distribution of the different zones or even eliminate some to expand others, you need a reformer.

So if you have something to do in your garden, do not hesitate to hire a professional.

Who to hire to reform the garden?

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