How to buy large tree pots for your garden

Have you ever thought that trees cannot be in pots? Well, it’s a mistake, since in the market you find large pots for trees. What do you know about them?

If you have never thought about it before and now it catches your attention, here we give you the keys so that you can find them, choose the best one and get hold of it.

Best large pots for trees

Best brands of large pots for trees

Pots in general do not usually have a specific brand, there are many companies that, among their catalog, are dedicated to these. But If we were to recommend brands of large pots for trees, then they would be the following:


Outsunny is a brand with which you can buy specific products for terraces and gardens. It is part of Aosom and It is the one that is focused on decorating the exterior.

Although it is best known for its swimming pools, it also has gardening products, including large pots for trees.


Relaxdays is actually an online store that has exclusive products from your brand, such as large pots for trees. You can find a wide variety of them and their quality-price is quite adequate for them.

Wagner design yourself

Finally, we have the brand Wagner design yourself, specialized in supports for plants with wheels (dishes with wheels, as it is also often called).

We can find a variety, most of them round, but also square and in other shapes.

Buying guide for large tree pots

Large tree pots have the characteristic of being large. Very big. That is why when buying them you can consider that, with it being large, it is enough.

However, it is not enough to just take the one with the largest diameter. Actually you have to take into account other important details. Which is it? We tell you below:

Appropriate size

Having a tree in a pot is somewhat unusual, but possible. The problem is that sometimes we think of a very large pot for a tree that is not.

When the trees are of considerable size, then you have to choose pots that are at least 30 centimeters larger in diameter than the root ball. It would be enough to measure this and know exactly the diameter you need.

In the event that they are smaller, you can make it proportional.

But what we never recommend is to take a huge pot for a small tree, because that will only slow down their development (it will be dedicated to forming roots instead of growing, which can last for years).


The pots are made of many materials such as ceramic, glass, metal, terracotta, clay… And what about the best ones for trees, because the plastic ones, because they are lighter (even when you fill them with earth) compared to other materials, such as clay, terracotta, ceramic…

Our recommendation is that you look for a material that is durable and resistant, but that does not cost you too much to move or weigh so much. Keep in mind that if the empty pot is already heavy, when you fill it with soil and also place the tree, it may become impossible to move. So the less weight the pot has, the better to handle it.


Another point to consider is mobility. And in this we already tell you that large pots for trees are not usually used to move them from one place to another (although if you put wheels on it and they support the weight, this could be the case).

Mobility will help you transport it and change it to find the best location. But once settled in one place, it seldom moves.


Finally, the price. And in this regard we must tell you that we are talking about a product that is expensive. And it is because being big, it goes up. It is not the same to buy a pot with a diameter of 10 cm than one of 100. Nor one of a thousand centimeters.

Therefore, the prices are quite diverse depending on all the above that we have mentioned. The range, taking into account that they are large pots, could be between 20 and more than 200 euros (in those more elegant pots or those of important brands.

Where to buy?

Pot Source_Amazon

Now that you have a better idea about large tree pots, the only thing left for you is to get hold of it. And, in this sense, you will not find them in all stores. In fact, it is common for some major stores to be searched on the Internet. Do you want to know what you will find in them? We tell you what we have investigated about them.


Amazon is where we have the most variety of pots. In the case of trees, you know that they must be very wide, tall and deep, and the good thing is that in the left column you can delimit the specific size of what you are looking for, with which you filter all the results that come out.

Now, in terms of prices, these pots are not cheap for their size. For this reason, although they may be more expensive than in other sites (adding shipping costs), you do find more variety and originality in some of them.

Leroy Merlin

We cannot say that in Leroy Merlin you have a wide variety of large pots for trees, but yes there are several of about 100cm in diameterand other minor ones, that could be interesting (and what you need for your tree).

Beyond that measure, that is, greater than this, it does not have.

Even so, you should take all of the above into account before making the purchase to act with your head.


In the case of large pots for trees, Ikea is not going to be the best store to go to because from what we have seen online, does not have articles of this type. In fact, and focusing on those with a larger diameter, only one vase and two plants (one natural and one artificial) have come out.

Therefore, such a specific item will need another store to find it.

Do you already know what large pots for trees you are going to buy and where?

How to buy large tree pots for your garden

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