How to buy a garden hanging chair

garden hanging chair

Surely you have seen it many times in movies and series. The protagonists go outside and have a hanging garden chair where a scene takes place. What would you like to have one?

Well for to succeed with the purchase it is necessary that you know some important aspects, but also which are the best on the market. In both things we can help you with this article. Do you keep an eye on him?

Top 1. The best garden hanging chair


  • Maximum weight of 120 kilos.
  • Extra wide seat.
  • Coated steel frame.


  • Thin cushion.
  • Poor quality.
  • Missing pieces.

Selection of hanging garden chairs

As we want you to keep several ideas, why don’t you take a look at these hanging chairs that we have compiled? It is possible that, among them, you will find the one you are looking for.

Hanging Garden Hammock

With a weight recommendation of 136 kilos (150 in the Amazon description), it is a hammock with a single suspension point and a separating wooden bar for comfort and space.

It has an inside pocket to put things in it.

Chihee Hammock Chair Super Large Hanging Chair

It only has one suspension point, although it has a 90 centimeter long spreader bar provides ample space. It can be placed quickly. Supports up to 120 kilos.

Hanging hammock with 3 cushions

Divided into three iron arms. Can withstand 300 kilos and has a cushion with a seat belt in case it is used by children.

It is very easy to assemble and spacious, with an inside pocket to put things in it. In addition, the seat has a zipper to remove the cushion for cleaning.

909 OUTDOOR Gray Garden Hanging Chair

With a very original design, this hanging chair has a support on which it hangs, made of very resistant wood and rope, with a load of up to 100 kilos. It is not waterproof.

Lowander Luxurious hanging chair with metal frame + seat cushion

It is an independent structure that it does not need to be hung but it is the structure itself that suspends the hanging garden chair.

It has dimensions of 108 x 86 x 60 cm and is adjustable in height.

Buying guide for a garden hanging chair

There is no doubt that a garden hanging chair is a very comfortable thing. Is a chair suspended in the air that allows you to enjoy the outdoors almost anywhere. But to buy one, you have to take into account some important factors. Do you know what those are? Take a look at what we have collected.


Let’s start with the size, which is something that matters, and a lot. There are many hanging garden chairs, and many designs. But these are not always one seat, but can fit more people in it.

Depending on the use you want to give it, you should choose a larger or smaller one. For example, if you use one for one person, you may end up feeling uncomfortable because, if you opt for the one for two, even if only one person uses it, you have more space to enjoy and to avoid awkward postures over time.

In addition, it has one more incentive and that is that, the larger it is, the more weight it will support, although be careful, which also means that it will need more space.


There are many colors, and in a hanging garden chair more. The most common colors are brown, cream and whitebut that doesn’t mean you can’t come across different ones. You just have to see what decoration you have put in your garden to buy something that really matches that space.


Finally we come to the price. It is one of the factors that we look at the most because we know that it is very important in order not to exceed the budget. And the truth is that you must take it into account.

We cannot tell you that a garden hanging chair is going to be expensive, but it is not cheap either when the size is large.

The price range It is between 20 and 400 euros.

How to hang a hanging chair?

Hanging a garden hanging chair is not difficult. It is always best to fit some fixings and make sure that they are strong enough not only to support the weight of the chair, but also yours.

Where do you put those fixings? Well, they can go on a tree, a wall, a ledge, etc. Normally the fixings are hooked with a rope or with pegs and depending on the type of chair, you will need one or two fixings.

Of course, you must take into account that there is no separation from the ground of more than 30 centimeters (when the chair is hung). If over time this is giving way you will have to raise it a little to avoid bad postures.

How much weight can hanging chairs hold?

Before buying any garden hanging chair, it is essential that you know how much weight they can support. First, because if you sit down and it doesn’t support your weight, you can hurt yourself; and second, because you will lose money for not paying attention to this point.

In general, hanging chairs are designed for a maximum of 150-200 kilos (these are the best). But the truth is that it will depend on many factors such as its structure, grips, etc.

Where to buy?

buy garden hanging chair

You almost have your garden hanging chair. Now you just have to pay attention to the places where you can buy it. And since we want to be even more practical, we have reviewed the online stores of some of the most sought after stores so you know what you can find. We’ll tell you then.


Amazon has become one of the stores where we usually look almost as a first option. And the thing is, although it does not have as many hanging chair items, it does beat other stores and gives you variety. Different models, colors, original designs… make it one of the first choices.

As for the price, it will depend on the models, but in general it is usually quite good.


At Bauhaus, as a garden hanging chair you may not get anything. But you should know that they have a subcategory within garden products that is «hanging seats and hammocks». Here you will find what you are looking for.

It is not that it has many models, because although it says that it has 35 items, the truth is that the vast majority are pieces.


On the Ikea website, looking for hanging chairs, hanging hammocks (here you find some) and hanging seats, we have not found anything (except in the hammocks) which does not mean that they do not have these products.

It is better to go to physical stores and ask because it is normal that they do have this outdoor furniture.

Leroy Merlin

Inside the seesaws and swings sectionin Leroy Merlin you will be able to find variety. Maybe not as much as on Amazon, but certainly enough to make you fall in love with one or two armchairs.

Prices are affordable for all pocketswith which you can spend a little or a lot according to your budget.

Now that you have all this clear, which hanging garden chair will you choose?

How to buy a garden hanging chair

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