How to dry a tree by the root: the best tips and tricks

how to dry a tree root

On some occasions it may be of great necessity to learn how to dry a tree by the root. Before felling it and having the stump on the ground, it is very useful to completely dry the root. However, there are some ways to do it and you must have knowledge about it in order to do it correctly and not damage the rest of the ecosystem.

For this reason, we are going to dedicate this article to telling you how to dry a tree by the root step by step.

Importance of trees

huge trees

When it comes to trees, you must realize that these plants are part of natural ecosystems such as deciduous forests, moist tropical forests, coniferous forests. Trees are closely related to the local soil and climate, the environment in which they grow, so they have certain characteristics determined by their adaptation to these environmental conditions.

Observe how trees such as the shaman, the rain tree or the campano grow majestically in a single leaf, a tree about 20 meters tall with an umbrella-shaped crown that can reach about 50 meters. Slow growing, old trees, shallow roots.

Likewise, the trees that grow in coniferous forests, such as pines, cypresses, cedars, redwoods, firs and other plant species, also grow and form plant communities that adapt to cold, frost and different seasons. Pines are the tallest trees, and their pyramid-shaped tops appear in the clumps, formed in this way to remove snow faster. Also, some pine trees are planted in the artificial ecosystem.

Artificial ecosystems built by humans such as cities, parks, squares and houses when trees grow outside their natural habitat. Sometimes, not knowing the dimensions of its branches, trunk, and roots means that the tree has to be euthanized after a while because it can damage walls, grow near power poles, lift sidewalks, and more.

The conservation of trees and nature make us take into account the functions and benefits that trees provide to human beings, therefore, deforestation and a certain embarrassment of large extensions of forests are observed, which are affecting natural ecosystems and the life. The species of animals and plants that develop in these places. In addition to or as a result of global warming, which it is the result of mismanagement of our planet’s environment.

This situation has led us to take action with environmental associations, such as promoting the planting of trees in parks and streets. Realize that the environment must be protected. However, sometimes decisions must be made that go against the behavior of caring for the trees and the environment.

When to dry a tree

how to dry a tree root step by step

To provide society with a place to live and work, cities have developed residential and industrial buildings, as well as health services, education, transportation and recreation. If we compare them with how they grow in a natural forest, they create an artificial urban ecosystem with different species of trees growing in a small space.

What is about to happen is that these trees have been planted in places where network systems have also been established to supply water to buildings or industries, or the gardeners who planted them become so small that their roots begin to damage streets and sidewalks. . Note that this tree was planted to decorate the city, and now turns out to be an inconvenience and potential devastation that could incur considerable costsand then the time when it should be removed.

How to dry a tree by the root

tree stumps

When you decide to remove a tree and want to avoid using a chainsaw, there are other ways to remove the tree, such as using Epsom salt or rock salt, because the cost is too high or the equipment is not available. It is currently widely used because it is effective, easy to apply and inexpensive.

It should be noted that when drying a tree with Epsom salt or rock salt, after a few months a dry, lifeless trunk and branches will be observed. If you are looking for a product that will dry your trees faster, you will have to look for another option or options.

MSI Epsom Salts...

It should be noted that the use of table salt to dry the trees should be avoided as this can contaminate the soil and cause irreparable damage to the soil and the environment. This is why you should use “Epsom salt” or “rock salt” exclusively. This product is 100% effective, self-added without any other ingredients. You will notice that when the affected tree stump is removed, the soil is most likely not contaminated.

herbicide application

For trees that have previously been felled and regrown, you can try chemical herbicides, which are known by the trade names: glyphosate or tripha, since they are the best known. On the contrary, herbicides will dry out the roots of plants near it, as well as drying out the regrowth trunk and its roots. This means that care must be taken when using these products and openings are made near the roots of the trunk to increase their effectiveness and minimize damage to other plants.

cover trunk

The trunk can be dried by covering it completely, this technique is recommended when there are still stumps, this practice has been eliminated, and it is very effective to remove or dry deep roots in a guaranteed way without causing damage due to environmental pollution. The purpose of covering the trunk and roots is to hasten their death, removing all nutrients and the energy provided by nature through solar radiation and rainwithout destroying the soil it grows and uses.

Other methods to learn how to dry a tree by the root

with a drill

For this step, we need to have a drill bit, a half inch bit, and with a marker or a colored pencil like a crayon, draw a circle around the log to mark the point to drill the hole. The purpose of this step is to pierce the trunk and apply a nitrogen-containing fertilizer to the hole. This product is used to accelerate the production of fungi, which helps break down the trees in 4 to 6 weeks.

nail the trunk

Copper Tree Stump...

In this method, you need to have some large nails made of copper or another material and a hammer. This method is simpler and cheaper than the other methods already mentioned. It involves driving several nails into the bark of the tree trunk to accelerate the formation of saprophytic fungi that they eat the wood and begin to decompose the tree until it dries up.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to dry a tree by the root and in what ways you can do it.

How to dry a tree by the root: the best tips and tricks

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