How to buy an umbrella stand

Imagine that you are quietly on the beach. A gentle breeze blows while you are in your hammock and little by little you fall asleep. And suddenly everything goes dark. The umbrella just fell on you. And it’s the fifth time. Why not go beyond trying to bury her and is securely attached to using an umbrella stand?

If you have felt identified with this, or with it flying off and running down the beach to catch it, you need this parasol accessory. But do you know how to buy it?

Top 1. The best parasol feet


  • It has four triangular sections to achieve a perfect square shape around the foot.
  • It can be individually filled with water or sand to have the correct weight.
  • El curb weight is 6 kilos.


  • Poor quality.
  • Can lose water or sand with use.
  • It doesn’t last long.

Selection of parasol feet

Below we leave you a selection of parasol feet so that you have models to choose from and do not stay with just one. Do you take a look at them?

Folding foot for parasol 25/32 mm Aktive Garden

This parasol foot is only Compatible with the parasols of the Aktive Beach line. The foot has 4 legs and its assembly is very simple.

However, it does not tell us anything about the weight it brings to the umbrella. It is more focused on terraces.

Chicreat – Stand for parasol, 12 kg

It is a basis for umbrellas between 38 and 49 mm in diameter, with fixing included. The most appreciable thing about this is the design it has.

C-Hopetree HDPE Square Umbrella Base Fillable with 16L Water or 22kg Sand

We have chosen the 29 kilos but in reality there are up to 164 kilos. The particular model can be filled with sand or water and will provide up to 39 kilos of weight once full.

It has protection against inclement weather and works with most umbrellas on the market.

VOUNOT Parasol Base

It has a fan design that you can fill with 52 liters of water or 100 kilos of sand. It is resistant to impacts and UV rays.

It is compatible with almost all umbrella stands.

VOUNOT Base for Parasol, fill with Sand or Water 60 kg

This model is similar to the previous one we have seen, but smaller. The base is solid plastic and is padded, well with water, well with sand, up to 60 or 100 kilos respectively.

It is suitable for almost all parasols.

How much should a parasol foot weigh?

One of the characteristics of an umbrella stand is its weight. It is necessary that it weighs to support the umbrella and that it does not fall at the first turn. But how much is the minimum or maximum to weigh? We clarify it for you.

In general you have a rule for it. For every 10 cm of umbrella diameter, there must be 1 kilo of weight. Thus, if your umbrella is 3 meters long, you will need a minimum of 30 kilos as a base.

How to hold an umbrella well?

One of the biggest headaches when going to the beach, or enjoying yourself on the terrace, is putting up an umbrella. On terraces it is somewhat easier, you may have a support or something similar at hand to prevent it from moving.

But how to place it on the beach? If you don’t want to carry an umbrella stand, it’s as easy as:

  • Drill a deep hole. To do this, use the stick of the umbrella and nail it and then make circles until you see that it is well secured.
  • Leave the stick in the middle and cover everything with the sand, crushing it so that it cakes and you can forget about it.
  • Put the top of the umbrella.

And what would it be like with the parasol foot? Even easier.

  • Make a small hole in the area to leave the foot.
  • Fill with water or sand.
  • Place the lower part of the parasol fixing it to the foot.
  • Do the same with the top.

Parasol Stand Buying Guide

When buying an umbrella foot, you can’t pick and choose the first one you see; sometimes it is necessary to take some time to see the pros and cons of each model. Only then will you succeed.

But, in addition to time, you need to take into account a series of important factors. Which? We list them below.


In general, umbrella feet can be classify by shape (round, square, rectangular, oval…) and also by the materials they are made of: metal, concrete, stone, wood or plastic.

Each of them has its pros and cons, but they all do their job.


Another key to buying an umbrella stand is its size. Imagine that you place a large umbrella and put a very small foot on it. Apart from the fact that it will not have stability, the weight of it will not be enough to support it and, whether you like it or not, it will end up falling. So try to always choose one according to the size of the umbrella. In these cases it is better a big one even if your umbrella is small.


Finally, you have the price. And it is that when buying you have to know that you do it at an adequate price. And which one is that?

Umbrella feet are usually sold from 20 euros to more than 100 in some models.

Where to buy?

buy umbrella stand

As you can see, an umbrella foot brings you many benefits. And it allows you to enjoy a day at the beach or on the terrace without having to worry about the umbrella flying or falling. So, what if we also recommend some stores where you can buy it?


It is where you will find more variety because they have multiple models of many brands, some better known than others. In this case, there are several models, types of parasol feet, colours… Take your time to choose the best one.

As for the prices, they are not bad, although in some cases it can be more expensive.


In Carrefour you find umbrella feet as bases. The vast majority of the ones you find are sold by third party sellers and the prices are in line with those of Amazon.


Ikea is not the place where you will find more products. In fact has few and also they do not have a single section but it is inside the parasols and umbrellas.

However, the prices are somewhat cheaper.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin does have an exclusive section for umbrella feet, this one with various items to choose from (more than 50) and at prices for all pockets.

Now all you have to do is opt for the store where you feel most comfortable shopping and, above all, where there are different parasol foot models to find yours.

How to buy an umbrella stand

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