Free 3D garden design software: which are the best?

If you like gardening and landscaping, a Free 3D garden design program it can change your life. It is a software with which you can design the way in which plants and trees will be present in your garden.

You will no longer have to do tests and carry out last-minute transplants when you find that that vine did not look as good in that corner as you thought. With these programs you can get a fairly realistic idea of ​​how everything will look according to the arrangement you have devised in your head. You will be able to make the necessary adjustments and thus, when the time comes to get down to work, everything will be much easier and the result will be spectacular.

Is it easy to access a free 3D garden design program?

home garden made with free 3d garden design program

Easy peasy! You do not have to resort to illegal practices of any kind to get quality software, because there are many that are offered completely free of charge. And do not think that because they are free they will have less features than other paid ones, because I assure you that it is not like that.

With a simple search on the internet you can find many programs of this type. Although I am going to save you the task of exploring and then I am going to recommend the ones that have worked best for me.

Don’t worry if you don’t have design knowledge or if you haven’t used software of this type before. It is very easy to use and very intuitive. In just five minutes you will have learned to handle it.

The space you have left available on your computer will not be a problem either, since many of these free 3D gardening programs work directly online. You can connect with your mobile or tablet and design your perfect garden while you have a quiet coffee after lunch.

Free 3D Garden Planners

red lilies in garden projected with free 3d garden design program

BBC Virtual Garden 3D

Without a doubt, this is a highly recommended free 3D garden design program. It is very interactive and very easy to use. With it, you can create from a classic-style garden to an innovative and modern one.

In fact, it has an interactive teacher, Alan, who guides the user through a series of small lessons that help to get the most out of the program. After the theory, it is time to design a virtual garden in 3D, and you can start from scratch or start from a source of inspiration provided by the software.

You start by marking the perimeter of the garden and differentiating the spaces that you will dedicate to flower beds, grass, and even accessories. By going to the 3D view you can see the progress of your design and make all the changes you consider necessary.

In this free version you can save up to 10 gardens And when you’re done, you can print or download the list of plants you plan to use in your design, to make it easier for you to shop at the nursery or garden center.

BBC Virtual Garden 3D is available for download in an offline version, compatible with Windows 6.51 Mb; MacOS Classic 7.9 Mb and MacOSX 7.6 Mb.

Free 3D garden design program Mashalls

Marshalls Garden Visualiser is a slightly more sophisticated tool than the previous one, but it is also simple to use. One of its great advantages is that you can move through the space you are designing as if you were walking through the plants, which allows you to get a much better idea of ​​what the final result will be.

To start using this free garden planner you have to specify the measurements and shape of the land. As in the previous case, you can start the design completely from scratch, but you also have several templates that can serve as a base and they can give you good ideas to make an original design.

As an extra point in favor of this garden design software, you can add a picture of your house. This will allow you to have a much more realistic image of how the garden will look.

It is possible to create different spaces and add elements such as gravel, grass, trees, an orchard, and even a swimming pool. It even provides information about where automatic irrigation sprinklers should be located to get beautiful plants without the need to wet garden furniture and other items that should not be moistened.

Smart Gardener

flowers in garden designed with free 3d garden design program

This free 3D garden design program is simpler than the ones we’ve just seen, but that doesn’t make it less useful. In fact, if you are going to design your first garden and you want a beautiful result, but without overcomplicating it, this tool is perfect.

With this software you can Create Basic Shaped Planting Beds:

  • square.
  • rectangular.
  • Circulars.
  • Triangular.

Designs that are easy to bring to the real world and that you can easily adjust in terms of size. Then you just have to drag the plants that appear in the sidebar and place them on the planting bed. When you finish, you can see in 3D how the result will be.

The best thing about this gardening software, in addition to how easy it is to use, is that when the design is finished you can print a complete list of the plants you will use. In addition, it provides you with very useful information about the depth at which the seeds should be planted and the distance that there should be between some plants and others.

With Smart Gardener you make sure you have a beautiful garden today, but also in the future, as the plants grow and expand. If you do the job right from the beginning, you will save yourself from having to do transplants in the future because some plants are “eating” others.

There are many options for free garden programs. If you want to find the most suitable one for you, check that it meets these characteristics:

  • Possibility of using it without having to download anything.
  • That allows to personalize the spaces to the maximum.
  • Containing a wide variety of plants.
  • To provide advice on planting and aftercare of the garden.

Use a free 3d garden design software It will help you make the outdoor area of ​​your home the envy of the neighborhood. Even if you do not have a garden, but you are passionate about plants, spending time designing gardens with tools of this type can be great entertainment. Have you tried this type of software? We would love to hear your opinion!

Free 3D garden design software: which are the best?

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