How to buy outdoor stools

When you have a terrace or a garden where you have put a rest area to use it, outdoor stools can be a good solution to add chairs where you can sit without taking up too much space. But when you buy them You have to take into account certain aspects that will make you […]

White lilies: Characteristics, care and meaning

White lilies, white lilies, or San Antonio Lilies. All these terms refer to Lilium candidum, one of the most beautiful plants you can find in the plant kingdom. But do you know what its meaning? And the care you need? Don’t worry, we’ll talk about all of this below and we’ll even help you understand […]

How to make an easy brick barbecue step by step

With good weather, you want to spend more time in the garden than inside the house. And also, when you invite friends or family, thinking about a barbecue is something that goes hand in hand. But, if you have tired of the typical ones that fall with a little wind, or that do not pull […]

Bonsai sageretia: most important characteristics and care

When you go to the stores the day the plant sales arrive, one of the types of bonsai that you can find is the Sageretia bonsai. It is one of the most common along with the ficus, carmona and serissa. And yet, except for the ficus, all the others are not easy trees to care […]

How to remove cactus spines: easy and effective methods

That cacti prick is something that everyone knows. That is why they are plants that, sometimes, do not gain followers, because when you least expect it, you end up pricking yourself. However, Do you know how to remove cactus spines? Can be done? If you have just wanted to know if you can have a […]

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