Guide to buy a garden waste bin

When you have a garden, it is normal that, due to the plants, the animals or simply the exterior, you end up generating garbage. And of course, you need a garden waste bin to keep the area clean and not look in poor condition. How about we talk about them and show you the characteristics […]

The most beautiful spring wildflowers for your garden

Spring has been with us for a few weeks now, and the heat is beginning to make many wild plants begin to grow and flourish. But, Do you know what spring wildflowers there are that you can use in the garden? Would you like to have a seasonal corner where, depending on the season, you […]

How to recover artificial grass from under the pool

Are you thinking about putting a detachable pool in the garden this year? Are you worried about the investment you have made in artificial grass and the pool may now be a problem? There is no doubt that placing a pool on top of artificial grass and filling it with water is equivalent to putting […]

Mastic hedge: What is it and what are its care

Mastic is a shrub native to the Mediterranean regions that has been used for centuries for its medicinal and culinary properties. However, more recently, mastic has also become a popular choice for garden hedges due to its dense vegetation, easy maintenance and resistance to adverse weather conditions. But what should we take into account to […]

How to choose and buy chlorine for the pool: all the details

With the good weather, there are many who begin to prepare the pools for the heat, and the holidays. And one of the elements that you should not miss is chlorine for the pool. But, when buying it, are you guided only by the price? Don’t you take into account other even more important factors? […]

Echeveria lilacina: what you should know about the ghost succulent

Within succulents, echeverias are one of the most varied plants you can find. AND among them there is one called the “ghost flower”. We refer to the Echeveria lilacina. But what do you know about this plant? Do you know its characteristics? How does it bloom? Maybe care? Below we present a guide so that […]

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