How to treat the ocher spot of the almond tree?

Image – Flickr/Hermes Almond The almond tree is a tree of Asian origin that has been widely cultivated throughout the Mediterranean region for centuries; in fact, many of us who live in lands bathed by that sea, have so many specimens throughout our lives, that we consider it to be a “tree that is very […]

Alocasia silver dragon | Gardening Where

Although some time ago we told you about the Alocasia dragon, this time we want to talk about another more mystical and less common, the Alocasia silver dragon. It is much more appreciated than the first, especially for its leaves. But what do you know about this plant? And what about your care? Today we […]

Storage shelving | Gardening On

With good weather it is normal to spend more time in the garden arranging plants and areas so that they are ready for summer. But for this you need tools and these you can place them on storage shelves. Wait, don’t you have? If you want to have a bit of order in your garden, […]

Echeveria runyonii | Gardening On

Have you ever seen Echeveria runyonii? Was it curved, smooth, elongated leaves? No, we have not made a mistake, it is that it has so many varieties that it is difficult to tell you about all of them. It is a succulent native to Mexico. Want to know more about her? What is he like, […]

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