How To Buy Pruning Tools

Summer is the time when plants are most active and that means you have to be aware that their branches do not affect other plants, or your space. For this, having pruning tools at hand is very important. But Do you know which ones are the best? And what to look for to buy them? […]

Acacia angustissima: Find out about all its incredible uses

The Acacia angustissima is a small-sized plant that can be considered as a shrub or a small tree which belongs to the fabaceous plant family, being widely located in regions of Mexico and the United States, in the central part of America as well than in South America, Pakistan and India. Description of Acacia angustissima […]

Acacia bonsai: Know the different bonsai with this species

To talk of the acacia in bonsai or acacia bonsai, however you want to say, first it is necessary to know what a bonsai is, a word from Japan which has the meaning of BON as a tray and SAI as a cultivar, but its etymology comes from the Chinese word penzai. History of the […]

Acacia koa: Everything you need to know about this species of tree

The koa acacia is a tree belonging to the species acacia that belong to the Fabaceae family. This plant is distributed only around the Hawaiian Islands, this being the number 2 most popular type of tree in this country. The name acracia is a word derived from the Greek ακακία and was given by a […]

Acacia macracantha: Everything you need to know about this tree

The acacia macracantha is a type of acacia in which its leaves last almost all year. This plant belongs to the Fabaceae family and in turn to the Magnoliopsida class of plants. This plant is native to the American continent, being found in Mexico and spreading to some Argentine regions. The name acacia derives from […]

Pink Acacia: Learn all about this false acacia tree

The pink acacia or pink acacia and even as false pink acacia are some of the names given to this type of acacia which bears the scientific name Robinia hispida which belongs to the Fabaceae family of plants. This tree is widely used to provide shade and to decorate large gardens and parks, but its […]

Acacia stenophylla: Know what you don’t know about this species

The acacia stenophylla is an acacia that belongs to the Fabaceae family, is characterized by keeping its leaves throughout the year and is native to Australia. It is a tree resistant to floods and is capable of maintaining its vitality when exposed to salt water. It is highly sought after as it has particularities that […]

What is Tylecodon and what are its care

Within the world of botany, that of succulents is especially interesting. These plants have been able to adapt in an incredible way to very harsh conditions, developing the capacity to store water. In addition, they are very striking for their original aspects. Without a doubt, they are the perfect example to demonstrate how nature is […]

Polaskia chichipe

If you like cacti, it is possible that at some point you have come across the Polaskia chichipe. It is a very branched cactus that can attract a lot of attention. Wait, you don’t know him? So this file that we have prepared can help you to know what the characteristics of the Polaskia chichipe […]

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