What is the stem of the leaf?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / David J. Stang When you want to know more about plants, it is interesting to learn the names of all their parts. This can be useful, for example, in case you suspect that you have an illness and you want to do your best to recover, since you have to […]

Impatiens balsamina: distinctive features and care

If you like flowering plants, a somewhat lesser-known, but very beautiful, plant is Impatiens balsamina. ring a bell? Also It has other names such as balsamina, joy or madama, and it is one of the plants that you can have in the garden and enjoy its color. But how is? What features does it have? […]

Old biznaga of the Sierra de Jalpan (Mammillaria hahniana)

Flowering plants are not always accompanied by beautiful green leaves. Some cacti can also offer spectacular blooms in contrast to their thorns. A very popular one to decorate homes is the Mammillaria hahniana, which stands out mainly for its woolly appearance and its beautiful purple flowers. Does it ring a bell? If not, I recommend […]

Portable barbecues: all the keys to buying one

Source: Amazon In good weather, you want to be in the garden. And one of the most common meals in summer is usually barbecue. Some chops, chorizos, vegetables… But, when buying one, Do you know portable barbecues? If you have a garden and would like to have a barbecue to eat with family and friends, […]

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