The best Amazon Prime Day gardening deals [Updated July 13]

Amazon Prime Day is here! During July 12 and 13 you will be able to find many offers on gardening products, some even with a discount of up to 45%, don’t you find it interesting? If you have been wanting to buy a tool, piece of furniture or anything else to enjoy your garden more […]

Maranta, the prayer plant: characteristics and care

The maranta or prayer plant is one of the most beautiful you could have inside your home.. With large and incredible leaves, it is the envy of many. And it is that this mobile plant (because it moves) can give you many joys. Do you want to know more about her? Then keep reading because […]

Twisted Chumbera (Cylindropuntia)

Cacti are very good to decorate our home. They are beautiful and easy to care for, what more can we ask for? However, there are some species that are considered invasive in some countries, so we must be careful. One genre that can be dangerous to introduce is Cylindropuntia, also known as twisted prickly pear. […]

Sedum lineare, everything you need to know about this succulent

Within the succulents, there are some that stand out for being something different from the normal that you expect from them. That’s what happens with sedum lineare. Do you know him? We wanted to bring you this succulent and, for this, in this article you will find a guide with the main characteristics of the […]

Listed begonia: main characteristics and care

Within begonias there are many types. Some stand out for their leaves, such as the begonia maculata (those circles on the leaves make us think of a gypsy dress). But, Do you know the striped begonia? It is a begonia whose main characteristic is a lime green line on its vein. If you have never […]

Everything you need to know about Echinopsis chamaecereus

If you are more of cacti than plants with leaves, surely you have some specimens that you are proud of. One of those cacti that you can have and that, due to its characteristics, is one of those is the Echinopsis chamaecereus. Also known as peanut cactus, we are talking about one that is small […]

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