white peonies

White peonies are one of the flowers most appreciated by many, especially for their pure color. However, do you know what they are like? What meaning do they have or care for them to flourish in their time? If you want to know more about this type of flower and plant, take a look at […]

What is Scottish thistle?

There are many flowers that exist on this planet. However, some of them stand out more than others, either for beauty, for their properties or for the importance we give them on a symbolic level. The latter is usually closely related to the region in which we live. It is possible that here a certain […]

Play tape plant in water

If you like the tape plant, you surely have one or more at home. And, as you know, its propagation is quite simple. ButDo you know how to reproduce the tape plant in water? It is one of the best ways to do it, because that way it takes root much more quickly. However, you […]

How to decorate a wicker basket with dried flowers

The decoration and the plants always make a good combination. However, sometimes, the fact of having to change the plants because they die, or taking care of them, tires. And that is when we propose other options, such as artificial flowers or dried flowers. These are the ones we are going to focus on, specifically […]

How to buy a round folding table correctly

Source_Amazon Do you want to buy a round folding table for your home? Maybe for the garden and thus use it when necessary? It is not a bad idea. The problem is finding the most suitable one based on what you are looking for. In this article we will try to help you by talking […]

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