5 important differences between growing in a pot or in the ground

When we are about to grow plants, the doubt may arise as to whether we are growing it in a pot or directly on the ground. Although it seems to us that growth and development are going to be the same in one place as in another, the reality is that the more space the roots have, the better the plant being will grow. But why?

As there are several reasons, below we will tell you the 5 important differences between growing in a pot or in the ground so that you have no doubts when choosing where to plant your plant.


  • 1 Space
  • 2 Development
  • 3 Nutrient loss
  • 4 Protection against cold and heat
  • 5 Water and nutrient reserves


tomato orchard

Although it is true that if we grow a plant in a pot of the right size for it, it does not have to have any growth problem, the truth is that if we plant it directly in the ground it will “feel more comfortable” . Its roots will be able to grow as much as they need without being limited by space, which will serve to strengthen the plant.


Regardless of whether we water and fertilize it regularly, the potted plant will not reach the size it would in the ground due to its internal mechanism to maintain a balance between its roots and leaves . And it is that, having small roots, it absorbs fewer nutrients and, therefore, growth will be less.

Nutrient loss

The substrate that we put in the pots loses its nutrients with each watering, since that is when the roots can absorb them. As time passes, this soil becomes so worn that it serves the plant only as a support. Therefore, it is very important to pay throughout the growing season (spring and summer).

orchard in garden

Protection against cold and heat

Pots, especially plastic ones, cool down and heat up much faster than soil, which harms roots . Therefore, if we choose to grow plants in containers, we have to protect them, if necessary, from cold and/or heat. For example: if we have just acquired a plant and it is autumn, the ideal is that we protect the pot with a thermal gardening blanket or place it inside the home.

Water and nutrient reserves

The soil can recover lost nutrients thanks to the regular addition of fertilizer, but in addition, its capacity to retain a large amount of water is much greater than that of potted soil. Therefore, if we decide to grow the plants in containers, we will have to water and fertilize much more often.

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5 important differences between growing in a pot or in the ground

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