Lady of the night, fragrance under the stars

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Chest of nights is the official name of a feminine and sensual plant, commonly known as night Ladya kind of penetrating and soft aroma at the same time that permeates the gardens and air spaces during the summer nights. That is why his name …

Cluster plant

This plant is originally from America and it is found in many countries in the center and south of the continent. It belongs to the family of Solanaceae and it’s actually a evergreen shrub It can reach up to 5 meters in height, so before planting it, you have to take into account the space in order to give it the comfort it needs to develop.

In addition to its aroma, undoubtedly the most striking of the lady of the night are its white nocturnal flowers, in the form of a clustertubular and open at the end, which contrast with the strong green of the leaves. The fruits are in the form of globose white berries and the leaves can be ovate or elliptical, up to 11 cm. long.

View of the Castle at night

Image – Wikimedia / Cary Bass

The cares

Due to its origin, the lady of the night needs to grow in place with temperate to warm climate and being exposed to the sunat least live in semi shade conditions otherwise it is likely not to flourish. However, avoid placing it in a sunny place if the weather is very hot as then there is a risk that the plant will burn.

A nightshade plant

Image – Flickr / mauroguanandi

This plant does not resist frost and enjoys fertilizers although a sporadic one will suffice to help its growth. As for watering, it is best to do it regularly if you have it on the ground. In a pot, the ideal is to water every two days.

The plant adapts to many types of soil although it needs to be a well-drained land. In addition, it is recommended to prune the branches after flowering, when summer begins.

Lady of the night, fragrance under the stars

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