The rarest and most beautiful hybrid tea roses in the world

The rarest and most beautiful hybrid tea roses in the world

Having a well-kept rose bush means that, when the good weather arrives, you can enjoy some beautiful roses. But, what if that rose bush is one of the rare ones? And if you have rare roses?

In general, when talking about rare roses, they are related to the so-called hybrid tea roses. A variation and combination of several roses that give rise to impressive rose bushes. And for this reason, we are going to show you some of the most beautiful (and also rare) in the world.

Rosa Bathsheba clg

Rosa Bathsheba clg

Rosa Bathsheba clg

This strangely named rose bush puts out some amazing roses. SThey are quite large and filled with many apricot colored petals. although the outermost ones are almost white, as if it were a veil that covers the colored ones. It will appear as if they were small bouquets of roses.

As for its smell, it is said that the aroma they give off is very similar to that of honey and myrrh.

Keep in mind that this rose bush is a climber.

Rosa My Garden and my House

Also as a climbing rose, the roses will be similar in size to the previous ones, only in this case they are white. However, as it approaches the center, they begin to acquire a pinkish hue.

Also, you should know that it is one of the few rose bushes that, if it is well cared for, It can bloom throughout the season.

snowy rose

When you see the image of this rose, you will surely think that we have made a mistake. But really it’s not so. It is an old and collectible rose that can be found and is totally different from rose bushes.

To begin with, it is more of a bush with white roses, or almost white, except for a golden yellow dot in the center.

It is ideal for very cold areas as it perfectly resists low temperatures, but not high ones.

Rosa Ballerina

Another of the rare but beautiful roses that you currently find is this. It is a rose bush that can be in the shade and that offers a bloom of roses that do not look like roses. And it is that they are composed of only five petals that open completely leaving a yellow spot in the center. Each of the petals has a pinkish edge that fades as it goes towards the center until it is white.

Rosa Julio Iglesias

Rosa Julio Iglesias

Rosa Julio Iglesias

Of the roses out there, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful you will find. It is a tricolor rose, since it has red, pink and white in its petals.

Each rose has about fifty petals where the predominant color is magenta red. but it will have creamy white and even pink veining, so each rose is unique because it doesn’t follow a certain pattern.

It is a rose bush with a lot of perfume, this one citrus and verbena from Madagascar.

Rosal Ferdinand Pichard

Other roses that are similar to the previous ones (although less beautiful than those), are these. The petals are fluted pink and white, with different shades.

In this case The flowers do resemble each other, since, although they change the pattern, it is minimal. But that does not detract from the variety of pink, quite the opposite.

They are usually arranged in clusters of several roses at the same time and the contrast with the greenery of the leaves is impressive.

Rosa Bolschoi

This time we are talking about a bicolor, between yellow and red. Actually, its predominant color is red, which is present in all the petals. But in all of them you will see that it has a yellow part that contrasts with the red.

It is not a rose bush that grows much, only about 70-80 centimeterswith what you can have perfectly in a large pot.

Rosa Pullman Orient Express

And if we have told you before that the predominant color is red, in this case it is yellow, which will be mixed with pink.

The flower will have pink outer petals while, as it approaches the center, they change to a light yellow. It will have gradient petals which makes the transition even prettier.

As for its aroma, it is fruity.

Also, you should know that the leaves of this rose bush are a very dark green, which makes the flowers stand out even more.

Rosa Laetitia Casta

This hybrid tea is one of the rarest and most beautiful roses you will come across. It has petals in two colors, on the one hand a creamy white, which stays more in the center; and on the other, in the exteriors, a gradient in pink.

The flowers are large, since they can reach 11 centimeters in diameter.. But she doesn’t have that many petals (she stays at 25-28).

What it does have is perfume, reminiscent of the roses of yesteryear.

black pearl

As you know, black roses are hard to find. But this is the closest you can get to one. To begin with, we are talking about a rose bush that produces large roses (about 10 centimeters in diameter) and with between 26 and 40 petals of a very very dark red color, to the point that it gives the impression that they are black.

Of course, contrary to the previous ones, you should know that this one does not have a perfume, or if it does, it is so soft that it is barely noticeable.

Rosa Blue moon

Rosa Blue moon

Rosa Blue moon

These roses are not really blue, but they are purple or silver lilac. The flowers it gives are quite large and very full in terms of petals. Regarding its perfume, it has a spicy and strong touch, but it is quite pleasant.

Rosa Sorbet Fruite

Finally, we want to talk to you about these roses that have a very special color in their petals. Although the dominant color is a coral or orange color, it is dotted with spots more or less large in light yellow or yellowish white along the entire length of the rose.

If we had to keep talking to you about more rare and beautiful roses, we wouldn’t be done for a long time. Did you know this type of rose bushes? Do you have one in your garden or would you like to have it? We read you!

The rarest and most beautiful hybrid tea roses in the world

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