How to buy an aluminum shelf

One of the essential accessories in a garage, in a garden, outside or even inside the house is an aluminum shelf. in it you can store many things, place plants and give them many more uses.

But do we buy the cheapest? What if we want it to last for many years? What should you pay attention to? If, like us, you want to make a smart purchase, here are some keys that you should keep in mind.

Top 1. The best aluminum shelving


  • It is modular.
  • It can mount in multiple ways.
  • Each bucket holds 10 kilos.


  • It can come in bad condition
  • It rusts easily.
  • Missing pieces.

Selection of aluminum shelves

Whether it is because it is small, large, because it does not adapt to what you are looking for… here are other options that are quite interesting.

Amazon Basics 3-Shelf Shelving Unit with Casters

This aluminum shelf is ideal for a kitchen, garage, office… It only has three shelves and its maximum load is 68,03 kilos. No tools required to assemble.

SONGMICS Aluminum shelf

This shelf is square type, with 30 x 30 cm shelves and a height of 123,5 cm. It is made of quality powder coated steel and each shelf is customizable in terms of height.

Amazon Basics 5-Shelf Shelving Unit with Casters

No products found.

With a size of 76 x 36 x 152 cm and 156 cm in height, with the wheels included, each shelf will support you about 20 kilos. The racks are adjustable in 2,54 inch levels and you will not need any tools to mount them.

SONGMICS Wire Shelving Unit with Basket

And nail measures 60 x 30 x 150 cm and a total load of 100 kilosthis aluminum shelf has five fully customizable levels.

Best of all, the shelves are basket-type, so they have a bit of depth, perfect for when you don’t want things to be knocked over.

Hans Schourup Blueracking – Shelving

It is a bookcase made up of 5 shelves and with a capacity up to 90 kilos. Its measurements are: 180 x 80 x 40 cm.

It is installed without the need for screws and the shelves are adjustable in height. In addition, it has plastic legs.

Aluminum shelving buying guide

Buying aluminum shelving may seem easy; but in reality it is not so much. If you want it to last a long time, you can’t go to the first one you see cheaper because, most likely, is that if you have not taken into account certain factors, in the end it will not work for you.

For example, imagine that you want it to place documents. But it does not support too much weight, so you can suddenly find that it has broken, fallen… Instead, if you had paid attention to the design, the weight that each shelf supports, etc. this would not have happened.

For all this, how about we help you to know what to look for when buying an aluminum shelf?


Let’s start with the size. As you know, on the market there are many shelves of many different sizes: taller, wider, deeper… Our recommendation is that, when choosing one, the first thing you should do is measure the hole where you want to place it. That way, you’ll know the ideal size you’re looking for. Anything that falls outside of these measures is automatically discarded, because it won’t work for you.

Yes, you must control not only the height and width, but also the depth (i.e. what is going to protrude from the shelf).


A fundamental aspect when buying a shelf is knowing what you are going to place on it. Is it going to be something light or, on the contrary, will it be heavy? The reason for this is that, depending on what you want to put, you will have to know the capacity of each shelf to support weight, because not all shelves are the same.

If you place a lot of weight on a shelf that does not support it, it is normal for it to curve or worse yet, to break and compromise the state of what is under this shelf. Or even worse, break the entire shelf at once.


Do you think that because it is an aluminum shelf you will only find it in grey? Although they are the majority, in reality there are many other colors where you will be able to choose, from black, white, or even with shades of brown like wood.

This helps it blend better with your home decor and gives you more options. Of course, not all shelf models have all colors; sometimes you will only find a few.


Finally, how about we talk about the price? Of course, this will differ in terms of materials, size, color and even design of the shelf, being more or less economical for your pocket.

In general, the range of prices between those who “play” the aluminum shelves are between 15 and more than 1000 euros in some cases.

Where to buy?

buy metal shelving

You already know more things to look at from an aluminum shelf. Now you have to know some stores where you could find the one that meets all your requirements. So we’ve taken a look at a few stores and here’s what we think of the products they carry.


Although it is where you find more facilities, many of these shelves are similar or equal to each other. So there are not really that many different (in this case in other stores they have more options). Still, yeah some are cheaper than others and can serve you for your purpose.

Now, be careful with the prices because some are inflated and those models are cheaper in other stores.


Ikea has a special section of metal shelves of different brands and models where you will find quite a variety. That’s the good thing, I’m sure you’ll find the one that best suits you here.

About the prices, They are not too expensive, especially if we take into account that there are shelves for 15 euros or less.

Leroy Merlin

With more than a thousand items to choose from, we can say that at Leroy Merlin it’s hard not to find what you’re looking for when it comes to metal shelving. Also, you can choose taking into account the use you will give it, the color, materials, assemblies, height, width or depth and even the type of load What are you going to put on it?

If we look at prices, yes they are somewhat more expensive than in the previous store, but even so the variety that it offers you and the quality can be worth it.

Now it’s your turn, do you already know which aluminum shelf you are going to buy?

How to buy an aluminum shelf

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