white peonies

White peonies are one of the flowers most appreciated by many, especially for their pure color. However, do you know what they are like? What meaning do they have or care for them to flourish in their time?

If you want to know more about this type of flower and plant, take a look at the article that we have prepared for you.

How are the peonies

chinese white flower

The first thing you should know about peonies is that its scientific name is peoniáceas. There are 40 recognized species, which means that there are some more that are not, but you can find them on the market.

Originally from Europe, North America and Asia (especially China), these flowers and plants owe their name to Pawn, who, in case you didn’t know, was the doctor of the gods according to Greek mythology.

In China, this plant is revered, and they have been using and cultivating it for more than two thousand years.

Within the peonies, we can find two types (also in the white ones):

  • Herbaceous, which have an annual cycle, since they appear in spring and die in winter.
  • Shrubs, which form bushes up to two meters high, with large, colorful flowers.

About the flowers you should know that they are quite large, being able to easily reach twenty centimeters in diameter. Although most are full of petals, there are some that can give double flowers, which gives them greater beauty.

When do white peonies bloom?

Detail of the size of the peony

One of the common questions about peonies has to do with their flowering time. But the truth is that what we are going to tell you will depend on many factors, including the climate, the health of the plant and its size. We can tell you that they are a bit capricious.

But if you’re lucky that you know that they bloom in the months of May and June, just before the heat sets in. Although, sometimes, flowering can last until July even.

Of course, the flowers open for four or five days, and if you have not seen them before, we can tell you that it is a spectacle.

What do white peonies mean?

Have you ever wondered what white peonies mean? It is common to see them in wedding bouquets, but is it okay to wear them?

White peonies evoke the most timid and pure love. Therefore, yes, it is one of the typical wedding flowers for that very reason. In fact, they are usually combined with other flowers with a similar meaning, such as white roses.

However, you may not know that it has another separate meaning. These flowers are used in cases of fights and arguments and their objective is to ask for forgiveness.

Therefore, we can say that the peonies of this color can be to declare a pure, shy and sincere love; but also to apologize for any discrepancy.

How to care for peonies

white chinese flower

If after what you have read you would like to have a white peonies plant in your garden or at home, the first thing you need is to know what the main care it needs is. And above all those tricks so that the flowers do not wither or burn.

We leave you below a small summary of each of the main cares:

location and temperature

The best location for this plant, which, by the way, can be had whether you are a beginner or an expert, is the one where it receives at least six hours of indirect light. That means that It doesn’t matter if you have it outdoors or indoors as long as you meet this requirement.

Peonies in general, not only the white ones, flee from the sun since it can easily burn their petals. If you have it indoors, place it in an area near the window, but be careful with the sun’s rays through the glass because they can do as much damage as direct sunlight.

If you place the white peonies in a pot and outside the house, a shaded or semi-shaded location with a lot of indirect light is better.

Regarding the temperature, peonies are plants that grow very well in cold climates and even with frost. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have it in a hot climate. You only have to procure some more care with respect to irrigation and environmental humidity.


The soil for peonies to develop properly must have a pH between 5.5 and 7.5. That is why it is best that you make a mixture between topsoil and perlite. On the one hand, you will be giving it a fertile and nutritious soil that helps it to flourish and meet the demand it has. For another, it will drain excess water. Keep in mind that it needs to feel wet.

If you see that topsoil is not enough, for example because you are in a hot climate, choose to combine it with another soil that can withstand moisture (for example, worm castings or peat).

When planting or transplanting, make sure you always do it in cool weather. It can be in winter or at the end of this and early spring.


As we have told you before, white peonies always need a moist soil. But its watering differs greatly from season to season, as well as from the weather.

If you live in a cold climate, water only once a week in winter and twice a week in summer. In case your climate is warm, in winter you can water once or twice, while in summer you will need to be more aware, with two or three weekly irrigations.

Of course, do not water if you notice that the soil is damp. It is better to wait until the first layers dry.


White peonies are a bit picky about composting. You only need two a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The first will be 50% nitrogen and 100% sodium and potassium. While in spring it will only be necessary a fertilizer rich in nitrogen.

Of course, it is better that the fertilizer is placed on the ground and that it is absorbed little by little than if it is with irrigation water.

What do you think now of white peonies?

white peonies

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