How to buy successful outdoor string lights


With summer, the desire to spend more time outside your home increases. The problem is that, during the day, it can be too hot; and at night it will hardly be seen unless you have outdoor string lights.

How about we help you buy some of the best on the market at a suitable price? And that they meet all your needs? Take a look at the guide that we have prepared for you so that you know what you should look for when buying one.

Best outdoor string lights

Best brands of outdoor string lights

Outdoor string lights can be a good tool to illuminate your garden or outdoor areas. Do you want to know some brands that may be good?


Brizlabs is a San Francisco based company specialized in intelligent lighting solutions for the garden and home. They focus on quality and smart lighting experiences.


Guirled has, since 2002, been based near Nîmes. It is a company specialized in LED design lamps until, in 2016, they decided to launch a range of LED rope lights with cotton wool.

Today they are specialized in LED and photovoltaic technologies with decorative and unique lighting solutions.

Buying guide for outdoor string lights

To tell the truth, outdoor string lights are one of the most striking decorative elements that you can put in the garden. Visually they attract attention and, in addition, they fulfill the function of illuminating the area that you want.

But, the worst thing you can do when buying these garlands is to trust the first one that sells them to you. By not knowing important aspects of these, the experience you live may not be the most appropriate for you. Do you want to know what you should pay attention to? Pay attention to the following:

Garlands Length

One of the first things you should know about outdoor string lights is how long they are going to be, not only with lights, but also with the wire you need. And it is that Sometimes we make mistakes when buying them because either we choose them with a short cable, or if it is long we do not realize the number of lights it has (which can be small).


By resistance you must understand that its design is made to be used outdoors, in such a way that the sun’s rays, as well as the rain, the wind… do not damage it and it can withstand well.

And how will you know that? IP rated, from Ingress Protection. It is a protection that will allow them to last much longer (and you do not have to worry until a long time later).

Type of cable

Although we have mentioned the cable before, Have you ever stopped to think which would be the best to be abroad? In this case, make sure that it is covered with rubber because this will make it more durable and resistant.

other technologies

Today outdoor string lights have been modernized. Now you can turn them on and off with a remote control, it has a remote control…

All this influences the final evaluation of the article.Although the truth is that there are hardly any people getting the most out of these lights.

There are many technologies that you can take into account, including changing colors in lights, flashing modes…


String lights for outdoors is something that is usually placed at home. But if what you buy also makes you see it to get involved in the project (as helpers) you do it by choosing garlands that are easy to install and their use is just as simple, you will be able to finish much sooner.


Finally, we come to the price. And for this, all the above factors must be taken into account since, otherwise, you will think that outdoor string lights are expensive when in reality it is not that much.

The prices of outdoor string lights are usually around 10 euros for the cheapest and smallest; to more than 100 euros that can cost you if you need a lot in your exterior.

Where to buy?

outdoor solar light Source_Amazon


You already have the keys to look at when buying outdoor string lights. Now you just have to take a look at what’s in stores. We have looked online and this is what we have found. Do you take a look?


It cannot be denied that Amazon is where you will find the widest variety of outdoor string light products. It has very creative designs, many to choose from, and some that you will not have seen in other stores (which allows you not to repeat yourself or find that your family and/or friends have the same, unless they buy it on purpose).


Ikea falls a little short for us in terms of offering outdoor string light products. In this case we only reached a little more than fifteen articlesalmost all of them at a very similar price and with designs, yes, more original than those you find in other stores.

Leroy Merlin

Searching for garlands on Leroy Merlin we have found almost five hundred articles of results. We don’t know if they will all be useful, but at least you can get an idea that it is possible that in this store you will find what you were looking for.

Regarding the prices, they are consistent with what you find in the marketalthough it has some more original and creative designs that may be worth spending a little more.


The results that we get in Carrefour for this product are interesting, but you must take into account that they are sold by third-party sellers, which it can make you more expensive. The prices are in line with other stores, although some are a bit high for what they offer you.


At Lidl there are not many garland models that you can choose from. Nor is it a product that is always available. But it stands out from the others in that its price is much more competitive and cheaper.

Do you already have a better idea of ​​how and where to buy outdoor string lights?

How to buy successful outdoor string lights

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