Practical Guide to Buying a Concealment Hamper

When you have a patio, a terrace, a garden, and you want to go outside, the last thing you would like is for the neighbors, or anyone passing by, to see what you are doing. It is not only for the privacy that you want to have, but also for your safety. That is why Many look for a fence for concealment with the aim of covering the areas and giving more privacy to the place.. Is it your case?

If so but you don’t know how to buy a concealment fence that can really last you a long time, how about you take a look at what we have prepared for you? Here you will find a guide that can help you decide on the best ones.

Best hurdles for concealment

Best brands of hurdle for concealment

Hurdling for concealment there are many types, and many brands market it. Therefore, here we talk about some of them so that you know a little more.

royal sun

Sol Royal is one of the companies specialized in rolls, blinds, meshes, lattices, pleats and blinds to protect the balcony. We are talking about a German brand focused on protection against the sun and privacy. It has been on the market for more than 10 years and all the products it has are subjected to quality controls before being sold.


Jardin202 is another of the companies whose work is based on offering a variety of products related to gardeningmeshes, enclosures, grass… for customers.

They offer high-quality products with friendly customer service and a money-back guarantee.

Buying Guide for a Concealment Hamper

Buying a fence for concealment can be one of the most common ways to hide the interior of our garden, terrace or balcony and that, at the same time, the air continues to pass through the area. But buying it is not taking the first one that you see cheap, or that enters your budget and that’s it.

There are many factors that you should take into account. Which is it? We tell you below.


By size we are not only referring to the width, but also to the length of the hurdle. In the market you cannot find any type, it is true, but the more successful you buy it, for example in height or width, the less you will have to do afterward to make it work for you (and in the end you will lose more money in this way than in any other way). .


When we think of hurdle, it is normal for the natural to come to mind, that is, the hurdle itself. However, in the market we can also find bamboo, plastic or even PVC reeds.

Each one will have its pros and cons, but the normal thing is that the PVC and the plastic ones will last longer than the others; and yet, by giving a more artificial appearance, they will look worse than if you use the natural ones.


Another aspect to consider when buying a fence for concealment is its density. The older it is, the more privacy you’re going to get, but at the same time you will hinder air circulation.


Finally, we would have the price, which will basically vary based on what we have told you before.

We cannot tell you about an exact price, since being an article that will depend on the meters you need, the price will differ in terms of quantity, material, and other factors. But Yes, we can tell you that the natural versions are much more expensive than the PVC and plastic options.

Where to buy?

Enclosed Garden Amazon Fountain

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what you should look for, beyond the price, to acquire a fence for concealment, How about we recommend some stores? If you look on the Internet you will see that, in most cases, the hurdle is usually found in some regular stores. But do they have variety? And the price? We tell you a little about them.


On Amazon you will get more than 9,000 results, although these are not real since you will have to eliminate many items that have nothing to do with what you are looking for. Even so, it is where they have the most variety of hurdles, although with higher prices than in other stores.

It is worth it if you want a concealment fence that is original, creative or that you do not see anywhere. But if it is not within the budget, it would be better to look at other options.


Despite looking for the hurdle in the now Obramart search engine, The truth is that the articles that come out have nothing to do with this material, but with others. Therefore, we cannot tell you that you will find what you are looking for in this store.


Don’t be fooled by the cheap prices. At the beginning, when we have entered the web and we have seen the prices, we have thought that it would be much cheaper than in all the other stores. But not. And it is that They offer you first the price per square meter, and just below, in small, the price of what you buy, the real one. That is, if one of your products is worth 2.33 euros per square meter, the total price of 1 x 3 meters, which is what you sell, is about 7 euros.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin has its own details section and other concealment items. In fact, it allows you to select only what interests us, which would be the fence for concealment. But you can only take the artificial one since, at the time of writing this article, it did not have a natural reed.

Just below it will show you the options it has, at somewhat more affordable prices compared to other stores, which helps to make cheaper calculations to buy them. Of course, keep in mind that we are talking about artificial hurdles, which in themselves are cheaper.


In Bauhaus you have a special section of concealment elements among which you can find the hurdle. The truth is that you have different types, the reed reed, a plastic reed…

Each item is sold in certain sizes, with which the price they give you may not be the real one if you need much more quantity than what they sell you (in that case you will have to make calculations based on the meters you need, both wide and high).

As for the prices, they are consistent with those of other stores, although they can be somewhat expensive.

Now it’s up to you to decide based on all the information you have which concealment fence is the most suitable for you. Do you have any more advice?

Practical Guide to Buying a Concealment Hamper

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