What are the differences between vines and climbers?

There are two types of plants that, due to the way they grow, are very similar: vines and climbers. In addition, both produce very decorative flowers and are very easy to care for, not to mention how beautiful they are covering a lattice or a wall.

But it is important to know the differences between vines and climbers to avoid confusion. So let’s get to it. 


  • 1 What is a creeper?
  • 2 What is a climber?
  • 3 How to choose one or the other?

What is a creeper?

Ipomea convolvulus in flower

A vine , known as a guide plant, scandent plant, guide, scandent, or liana, is a plant that does not support itself . The stems are very thin, often herbaceous. It can be annual or perennial.

There are many species, the vast majority of which are found in regions with a warm and, above all, humid tropical climate, as competition for the sun is very high and supports abound for these plants to climb. Due to these conditions, their growth rate is usually fast or very fast, since to survive they do not have to lose time.

There are several examples: ipomeas, clematis , ivy , bignonia , etc.

What is a climber?

wisteria tunnel

A climber is a plant that climbs the trunks of trees and can be used to cover walls . Its foliage can be perennial or deciduous, depending on the evolution it has undergone. Over time, many of them develop a kind of woody trunk thanks to which they can hold up much better.

There are many examples of climbers: bougainvillea , wisteria , jasmine , climbing rose , etc.

How to choose one or the other?

chinese jasmine flowers

Depending on what we want to cover, and the space we have, we can put one or the other . For example, if it is a lattice or a low fence, it is best to place a vine, since the weight will be less and it will also be easier to control its development; On the other hand, if what interests us is to cover a wall, we will opt for a climber.

Thus, we will have better decorated patio and / or garden.

What are the differences between vines and climbers?

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