How To Grow Carrots At Home

Growing Carrots: Points to remember

Life Cycle – Biennial

Height – Stem (60cm – 100cm); Root (10cm – 25cm)

Flowering Season – Around spring within the second year of growing

Sowing Season – August to October; for brightly colored carrots, plant right after the last rain of the monsoon season.

Sunlight – Partial sunlight; 3-4 hours of sunlight during a day

Water – Moderate Water; let the highest 1cm of the layer of soil dry up before watering the plant again.

Germination Temperature – 20 – 30 °C

Soil Type & Prep – Sandy, well-drained loamy soil; clear the soil of trash, rocks, and enormous pieces of tree bark. Finer pieces of material get mixed into the soil for enrichment.

Growing Carrots from Seeds: What you would like to understand 

Don’t start yet! First, decide whether to urge Open Pollinated Seeds (OPS) or Heirloom Seeds. Heirloom seeds are people who are carefully selected by farming families for his or her best qualities and are passed down through generations, a couple of seeds at a time. Whereas, Open Pollinated Seeds are people who have fertilized the natural way, with the assistance of bees, moths, birds, wind, or rain. it’s important to understand that OP Seeds are often Heirloom also since the method of fertilization takes place with the assistance of natural factors. We make sure that you get the simplest quality OPS and Heirloom seeds for your in-house garden. And if you haven’t bought the most ingredient yet, buy carrot seeds here before you proceed further.

How to Grow Carrots 

Carrots should be planted around 1cm deep within the soil. This ensures that the plant starts germinating in about 2-3 weeks.

If you’re planting the crop in multiple rows, confirm that every plant is a minimum of 15cm aside from one another in order that they need enough room to grow.

Thin the spacing to 8cm apart once the leaves start to seem.

You can also harvest and luxuriate in baby carrots if you don’t thin the plants.

It is also possible to grow carrots during a pot inside your home but confirm that they are doing get their daily dose of sunlight for a minimum of 3-4 hours.

However, it’s advisable that the carrots planted during a pot should be moved to the garden once they’re 1-2 weeks old.

Usually, carrots require minimal attention at the growing stage. However, there are a couple of things that you simply should keep an eye fixed on while growing carrots, as an example, maintain the optimum pH level of the soil at 6 and feed your carrot plants some mulch or organic nutrients like age-old plant materials (twigs, flowers, stems, etc.), Seaweed extract and Organic Neem to make sure that they grow nicely and in sufficient quantities for farm to table consumption. Also, confirm that you simply water your plants regularly so as to take care of their oxygen levels in order that the Sclerotinia sclerotiorum fungus doesn’t grow a white mold cover on your carrot roots.

How to Harvest Carrots

Carrots take about 2-3 months to grow fully. You’ll know when to reap your crop when the diameter of the roots reaches 1.3cm. But confirm that you simply have a storage plan just in case you’re getting to save them for later.

To harvest the vegetable, dig out the world of soil around the roots, grip the carrot firmly, and pull out.

Do not pull out the carrot holding just the foliage. you’ll find yourself with just the leaves if you don’t pull the vegetable alongside its leaves.

Once you’re done harvesting all of your crops, collect the carrots during a basket or container and wash them thoroughly before consuming or storing them.

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