Month: May 2022

When to plant cuttings

A very effective and fast method of obtaining new plants is by multiplying them by cuttings , which are stems which can be green, semi-woody or woody, and have no root. Obtained from those specimens that we like the most, we can decorate the garden or patio without having to spend money on new plants. But when to plant […]

Cabbage cultivation

Collard greens is a vegetable that, although it does not look as elegant as lettuce, is a very easy-to-grow herb that has interesting medicinal properties that can be useful at any given time. In addition, you can have it both in the garden and in large pots , so if you don’t have soil you don’t have to worry […]

Paprika Cultivation

If you like spicy flavors, you will surely love paprika , which is a word that designates the plants of the genus Capsicum, which is that of chili peppers. Its cultivation is simple , since they are herbaceous plants that grow very quickly and also produce an interesting amount of fruit. Index 1 Paprika cultivation 1.1 Hotbed 1.2 Planting in the […]

How to keep scolopendras away

If there is an animal that usually produces a great creep to most people, it is the scolopendra . And certainly, with its primitive appearance it looks like an earthworm with a lot of legs. However, although it is generally a very feared arthropod, on many occasions that fear is not entirely justified. It is true that its sting […]

How to make a seedbed with orange peels

Do you need an urgent seedbed? Well, now you can get it without having to spend a single euro. In fact, you won’t even have to leave the house if you have any oranges . Yes, yes, you can make an original and biodegradable seedbed out of it that will be very useful for the seed to germinate. If you […]

How to make a composition of cacti and succulent plants

Succulents are the perfect plants to create spectacular compositions with which to decorate the terrace, an interior patio with lots of light or the patio. They look great as a centerpiece, and require little care. But how to do them? If you want to have this beautiful decorative element in your home, put on your gloves because we are […]

Myristica, the nutmeg tree

Nutmeg is a dried fruit that is becoming very fashionable lately for its digestive and analgesic properties. But what tree produces it and how is it grown? We want to keep you informed of everything related to plants, and this time it will not be less. After reading this article you will know everything about nutmeg and its parent. […]

What is sap?

Animals have blood running through our veins, a fluid that contains water, red and white blood cells, and platelets. It is responsible for transporting oxygen to all parts of our body. But plants also have their particular “blood”, with the difference that it is transparent and that it has another name: sap . Thanks to it, all plant beings […]

Is it a good idea to use sepiolite to grow plants?

The roots are a part of the plants that, despite being underground, it is very important that they are properly aerated, otherwise they will not be able to absorb the water they need and, therefore, the leaves will wither and die. To avoid this, it is essential to use substrates that have good drainage and that […]

What to plant in a flowerbed

The planter is a container where you can put many plants and make spectacular compositions. It is very useful when you want to decorate the balcony, the windowsills or the patio , since it can be made of plastic, which is a material that weighs little, or terracotta, which weighs much more and therefore, it is wind […]

When to use distilled water for irrigation?

Water is vital. All living beings need to drink it to be hydrated and for all the cells in our body to function. However, not all of us can access quality water such as rainwater, so there is a type of plants that we must water with distilled water . This is a product from which impurities have been […]

When to water in winter

Watering is always a complicated task: if you water too little, the plants quickly dry up and die, and if you water too much, fungi infect them and can kill them. Finding the middle ground is difficult during the warm months, but in autumn and winter it is even more difficult since in many parts of the […]

Characteristics and care of the Olive Tree

The olive tree is an impressive fruit tree. It does not have flowers as showy as those of the flamboyant tree or the jacaranda , but its size and its resistance to drought make it one of the most cultivated tree plants in regions where rainfall is low. It can provide very good shade as long as it is pruned regularly, and […]

Cipote or Casimiroa edulis care

Originally from Mexico, the Cipote , whose scientific name is Casimiroa edulis , is an ideal fruit tree to grow in warm climates, where there are no frosts and it can grow in a wide area so that it can develop its crown correctly. It is a very interesting species: it is easy to grow, it gives very good […]

How to repel moths?

Although in order to have a healthy garden it is important to ensure that all insects can lead a normal life without having to worry about pesticides, the truth is that there are some whose larvae are potentially dangerous for plants: moths . Surely you have heard a lot about them and how to repel moths in […]

plant reproduction

Caring for plants is a wonderful experience, but getting new specimens from them is even more so. In gardening, various techniques are used for this purpose, some more complicated than others, but all equally interesting. On this occasion, we are going to see what the multiplication of plants is like , and what each technique consists of. Index […]

What is weed control mesh?

Wild herbs are not usually very welcome in a garden or orchard. They grow at such a high rate that they only need a few weeks to cover the plants , including the tallest ones. Although most of them are not parasitic, all of them have a behavior that could be classified as invasive, since they prevent the […]

How to make a chicken coop in your garden

If you want to buy some chickens or, if it has happened to you like me that two have sneaked into your garden, you will need to make them a chicken coop to keep them under control. These birds can become dangerous animals for plants since, unless they have feed, they will not hesitate for a […]

Tips for caring for plants in winter

Winter is a season that in temperate regions we associate with cold, frost and snowfall. The plants that live in these places slow down their growth rate at the end of the summer in order to better withstand the new conditions that they will have just a few months later. When we grow potted plants or […]

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