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When to plant cuttings

A very effective and fast method of obtaining new plants is by multiplying them by cuttings , which are stems which can be green, semi-woody or woody, and have no root. Obtained from those specimens that we like the most, we can decorate the garden or patio without having to spend money on new plants. But when to plant […]

Cabbage cultivation

Collard greens is a vegetable that, although it does not look as elegant as lettuce, is a very easy-to-grow herb that has interesting medicinal properties that can be useful at any given time. In addition, you can have it both in the garden and in large pots , so if you don’t have soil you don’t have to worry […]

Paprika Cultivation

If you like spicy flavors, you will surely love paprika , which is a word that designates the plants of the genus Capsicum, which is that of chili peppers. Its cultivation is simple , since they are herbaceous plants that grow very quickly and also produce an interesting amount of fruit. Index 1 Paprika cultivation 1.1 Hotbed 1.2 Planting in the […]

How to keep scolopendras away

If there is an animal that usually produces a great creep to most people, it is the scolopendra . And certainly, with its primitive appearance it looks like an earthworm with a lot of legs. However, although it is generally a very feared arthropod, on many occasions that fear is not entirely justified. It is true that its sting […]

How to make a seedbed with orange peels

Do you need an urgent seedbed? Well, now you can get it without having to spend a single euro. In fact, you won’t even have to leave the house if you have any oranges . Yes, yes, you can make an original and biodegradable seedbed out of it that will be very useful for the seed to germinate. If you […]

How to make a composition of cacti and succulent plants

Succulents are the perfect plants to create spectacular compositions with which to decorate the terrace, an interior patio with lots of light or the patio. They look great as a centerpiece, and require little care. But how to do them? If you want to have this beautiful decorative element in your home, put on your gloves because we are […]

Myristica, the nutmeg tree

Nutmeg is a dried fruit that is becoming very fashionable lately for its digestive and analgesic properties. But what tree produces it and how is it grown? We want to keep you informed of everything related to plants, and this time it will not be less. After reading this article you will know everything about nutmeg and its parent. […]

What is sap?

Animals have blood running through our veins, a fluid that contains water, red and white blood cells, and platelets. It is responsible for transporting oxygen to all parts of our body. But plants also have their particular “blood”, with the difference that it is transparent and that it has another name: sap . Thanks to it, all plant beings […]

Is it a good idea to use sepiolite to grow plants?

The roots are a part of the plants that, despite being underground, it is very important that they are properly aerated, otherwise they will not be able to absorb the water they need and, therefore, the leaves will wither and die. To avoid this, it is essential to use substrates that have good drainage and that […]

What to plant in a flowerbed

The planter is a container where you can put many plants and make spectacular compositions. It is very useful when you want to decorate the balcony, the windowsills or the patio , since it can be made of plastic, which is a material that weighs little, or terracotta, which weighs much more and therefore, it is wind […]

When to use distilled water for irrigation?

Water is vital. All living beings need to drink it to be hydrated and for all the cells in our body to function. However, not all of us can access quality water such as rainwater, so there is a type of plants that we must water with distilled water . This is a product from which impurities have been […]

When to water in winter

Watering is always a complicated task: if you water too little, the plants quickly dry up and die, and if you water too much, fungi infect them and can kill them. Finding the middle ground is difficult during the warm months, but in autumn and winter it is even more difficult since in many parts of the […]

Characteristics and care of the Olive Tree

The olive tree is an impressive fruit tree. It does not have flowers as showy as those of the flamboyant tree or the jacaranda , but its size and its resistance to drought make it one of the most cultivated tree plants in regions where rainfall is low. It can provide very good shade as long as it is pruned regularly, and […]

Cipote or Casimiroa edulis care

Originally from Mexico, the Cipote , whose scientific name is Casimiroa edulis , is an ideal fruit tree to grow in warm climates, where there are no frosts and it can grow in a wide area so that it can develop its crown correctly. It is a very interesting species: it is easy to grow, it gives very good […]

How to repel moths?

Although in order to have a healthy garden it is important to ensure that all insects can lead a normal life without having to worry about pesticides, the truth is that there are some whose larvae are potentially dangerous for plants: moths . Surely you have heard a lot about them and how to repel moths in […]

plant reproduction

Caring for plants is a wonderful experience, but getting new specimens from them is even more so. In gardening, various techniques are used for this purpose, some more complicated than others, but all equally interesting. On this occasion, we are going to see what the multiplication of plants is like , and what each technique consists of. Index […]

What is weed control mesh?

Wild herbs are not usually very welcome in a garden or orchard. They grow at such a high rate that they only need a few weeks to cover the plants , including the tallest ones. Although most of them are not parasitic, all of them have a behavior that could be classified as invasive, since they prevent the […]

How to make a chicken coop in your garden

If you want to buy some chickens or, if it has happened to you like me that two have sneaked into your garden, you will need to make them a chicken coop to keep them under control. These birds can become dangerous animals for plants since, unless they have feed, they will not hesitate for a […]

Tips for caring for plants in winter

Winter is a season that in temperate regions we associate with cold, frost and snowfall. The plants that live in these places slow down their growth rate at the end of the summer in order to better withstand the new conditions that they will have just a few months later. When we grow potted plants or […]

When and how are potatoes planted?

Potatoes, one of the most delicious vegetables. They are used to prepare many recipes around the world, and their cultivation is also very simple since you only have to wait 6 weeks to harvest them. But when and how are they planted? If you want to get an excellent harvest, then we will tell you everything you […]

Why do plants die?

Growing plants is one of the best experiences we can have on a daily basis. It is very enriching to observe them, since in this way we can see the different pests that can affect them, learn more about them and how to prevent them from reappearing. However, sometimes, no matter how much pampering we give them, […]

What are Herbes de Provence?

Have you heard of Herbes de Provence or Herbes de Provence (in French)? They have a delicate flavor and a very pleasant smell, so much so that they are used to season all kinds of meat, fish, pasta dishes… even vegetables! But what exactly are they and how are they prepared? Herbs de Provence are the […]

How to make painted pots

If you are tired of seeing the typical brown or black color of the pots, now you can have new containers just by giving them a little paint. Surely they will be very original since you can take the opportunity to give them the style that you like the most. Don’t know how to make painted […]

Where to buy plants?

If you are new to the world of gardening, it is very likely that you have many doubts about… everything. One of the most asked questions is where to buy plants . Today we are lucky enough to find them for sale in many places: hypermarkets, local markets, nurseries, garden stores… and even online stores have been created and […]

Arugula cultivation

Arugula is a vegetable that is used to make delicious recipes. It is a fast-growing herb that can be grown in a pot or in the garden, as it is very adaptable. In addition, it is rich in vitamin C and iron, which is ideal for maintaining good health. Do you dare to cultivate it? Index 1 Characteristics of arugula […]

Kale cultivation

Kale , whose scientific name is Brassicola oleracea var. Sabellica , is a wonderful horticultural plant, since in addition to being able to be used in the kitchen to prepare delicious recipes, it can also be used as an ornamental, decorating the terrace or patio, for example. The curious shape of its leaves makes it one of the most curious […]

How to repel spiders

Spiders. There are many people who fear them, and others who simply do not want to have them around. Although every insect has its role in the ecosystem (also in gardens), when you have a phobia of them or when there are small children, it is recommended to take some measures, since we may live in an […]

Tricks for novice gardeners

So you have been thinking about having some plants or giving a little green to that land that seems lifeless. Well if so, surely you want someone to give you some tricks for novice gardeners , right? It is not for less: working with plants is working with living beings, and if they are not well cared for, you […]

How to save water in irrigation

Water is a commodity that is scarce in many parts of the world, which can greatly complicate the task of designing a garden that over time becomes lush. For this reason, it is very important to save whenever possible, but how? Below we offer you a series of tips that will be very useful for you […]

How to dress olives

Olives are one of the most delicious Mediterranean fruits. Once seasoned, they have an ideal sweet flavor to accompany many dishes, or to whet your appetite before meals. But how do they sweeten? So that you can try the best ones, we are going to explain step by step how to dress olives . Do not miss it. Index 1 Ingredients […]

Ficus ginseng: care of this curious tree

When looking for a tree to work as a bonsai, a plant with the thickest possible trunk and a more or less formed crown is usually sought, characteristics that the Ficus ginseng fulfills better than any other plant . However, it is often thought that it is an easy-to-grow plant, but the reality is that… it may not […]

Discover how to care for and multiply the pineapple plant

Many times when we think of pineapple, what usually comes to mind is what is sold in supermarkets, that is, the pineapple itself. But have you ever wondered what plant it comes from and how to get one? Well, you won’t have to ask yourself that question anymore. Next we will tell you what the pineapple plant is , […]

Romanescu, the most ornamental edible vegetable

If there is a vegetable that is delicious and also decorative, that is the romanescu . But where does this plant come from? How is it grown? And does it have anything to do with mathematics? We are going to talk about all this and much more in this special. Are you going to miss it? Index 1 Characteristics of romanescu 2 How […]

Learn to grow cherry tomato

The cherry tomato , barely 2-3cm in diameter, is the most prized fruit to flavor toast or even salads. But how is it grown? The truth is that to obtain an excellent harvest it is not necessary to get very complicated, we do not even have to have a garden. Learn how to grow cherry tomatoes in a simple […]

How to decorate a terrarium with plants?

Would you like to decorate your home with plants but you don’t have land to design your garden? Do you want to regreen your home in a very original and elegant way? If you answered yes to one or both questions, the terrarium is your solution . Well, more than the terrarium itself, the plants that you can put in […]

Botany class: differences between scientific and common names

In plant articles you always see that I put the scientific or technical name, in addition to the common ones. Why? What is the difference between one and the other? It’s time to answer those questions with a short botany lesson. After reading what I am going to tell you, you will know the differences between names, which […]

How to get rid of the geranium worm

The geranium is a plant that, with just a few basic cares, grows and blooms that is a pleasure to see. However, he has a potential enemy who can, in the worst case, finish him off. Its scientific name is Cacyreus marshalli , although it is better known by the names of geranium worm or geranium borer. This insect […]

How to use coffee grounds to take care of plants

Normally, coffee grounds end up in the garbage, but… did you know that they can help you to have healthy plants? They are a very effective fertilizer, so much so that it admits many ways of becoming natural food both for the garden and for pots. Next we will tell you how you can use coffee grounds to be […]

Why and how to grow okra?

The okra is a tropical plant native to Africa that little by little is gaining a foothold in our garden, and also in our patio because although it can reach 2 meters in height, its roots are not invasive so they can be in a pot throughout the season. So now you know, if you want to […]

Replace old apple trees with new trees

You are probably thinking of replacing old apple trees with new trees  that are in your garden. The truth is that growing new apple and pear trees is a task that takes years and if you do not have the time to dedicate, it is better that you use your old trees . Old trees can be very attractive, […]

Steps and details to take into account when creating a garden

If you like gardening and fresh vegetables , you probably have the initiative to make a vegetable garden. The first thing you should do is designate a piece of garden or a space where you want to grow your garden. Remember that if you do not have enough space to plant, you can also use the containers or pots . Most people […]

How to keep slugs away from plants?

Slugs are animals that you normally don’t want to have in gardens or near plants. They, like snails, are voraciously hungry and eat all the soft parts of plant beings : leaves, stems,… they can even cause a lot of damage to cacti. Knowing them will be very useful to know how to keep them away from […]

Can the substrate be reused?

Surely you have heard someone say or have read that the used substrate cannot be reused, especially if a diseased plant previously had it. Well, this, although it has some truth, is something that should not worry you . In fact, most of the time no problem occurs. You can use old substrate for a prettier yard and garden . Although […]

Pruning a young apple tree

Young apple and pear trees need a good pruning in their first years of life, something that is not difficult at all, so we must take the necessary time to do it well, because if we do a good pruning in the first years, this would make the following years we find ourselves without any type of […]

Organic gardening is good for biodiversity

Let’s reflect for a moment on what organic gardening is , organic growing and where this fits into the grand scheme of things, as a new movement in organic gardening has been going on since the 1920’s and actually, It is about remembering how our ancestors did it, at that time when everything that was eaten was free […]

How to attract ladybugs to the garden?

Beetles are insects that do not usually like much. Their shiny black bodies and small, spindly legs make many humans repel them. However, there are some that are very different: ladybugs. We don’t know if it is because they have been one of the most beloved cartoon characters, because of their faces or because of how important […]

Brazil nut

Today we are going to talk about the Brazil nut. It is a seed and not a nut as it is thought to be. It constitutes a natural panacea and originates from the Amazon region in South America. This seed is also known as Amazon nut, chestnut or coquito from Brazil. Its scientific name is Bertholletia excelsa and it can be found […]

What is crop rotation and what is it for?

In agriculture there are various techniques to avoid altering or degrading too much the soil in which we are working. If we maintain the ideal conditions of our soil, it will remain fertile and useful for longer. On the other hand, if we overexploit it, the soil will gradually degrade and erode, losing production capacity and impoverishing the land. […]

Pallet garden: how to do it

Currently we can see how pallets have become one of the important parts in some homes, since it is possible to find them both on the streets and in stores and they can also be used for a large number of things . So if you have some ingenuity and a little dexterity with your hands, you have the opportunity […]

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