What is Gardama and how is it combated?

Plants can be affected by many microorganisms and insects throughout their lives. Unlike animals, they cannot protect themselves like us, and the toxins that many of them have are sometimes not as effective as they should be, especially when the beetle is their enemy.

This insect in its adult phase does not cause them any problems, but its larvae can kill the youngest plants in a matter of days. How to fight them?


  • 1 What is the beetle?
  • 2 How do you fight?
    • 2.1 Ecological remedy
    • 2.2 Synthetic (chemical) remedy

What is the guard?

The armyworm, also known as armyworm, green donut or African asparagus caterpillar, receives the scientific name Spodoptera exigua . Originally from Asia, it is one of the pests that most affects agricultural crops , such as asparagus, beans, peas, beets, celery, cabbages, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes and cereals, as well as a multitude of ornamental and herbaceous species.

It is a brown or gray moth that measures 2 to 3 centimeters. This is completely harmless to plants, but it is important to combat it so that it does not have the opportunity to lay its eggs, as its larvae are very dangerous. These are green and brown, with longitudinal stripes on the side, and feed on leaves and flower buds .

How do you fight?

larva of beetle

There are two ways to combat it:

ecological remedy

When it comes to horticultural plants, the ideal is always to use natural products, such as Bacillus thuringiensis that you will find for sale in nurseries. It is a bacterium that eliminates the larvae of insects, including those of the beetle.

Synthetic (chemical) remedy

If you have affected ornamental plants, you can use chemical insecticides. The most effective remedy is the following :

  1. A bucket of 60 liters of water is filled.
  2. 100 kilos of bran is added.
  3. 1 kilo of sugar is added.
  4. And finally, 750 cubic centimeters Chlorpyrifos is added.

Then, everything is mixed well and a sprayer is filled to later spray the surroundings of the plant with it.

We hope that now you can fight the beetle

What is Gardama and how is it combated?

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