How to know if an indoor plant has been cold?

The plants that we know as “indoor” are plant beings that are very sensitive to cold. Being native to the tropical and subtropical forests of the world, a temperature that is close to or below 10 degrees Celsius seriously harms them. For this, it is very important to keep them protected as much as possible during autumn and especially wintersince otherwise it will be very likely that they will not reach spring.

How to know if an indoor plant has been cold? If we have any and we are concerned about how one day dawns, we can find out what happened to it by looking closely at its leaves.

Cold symptoms on plants

The leaves are a part of the plants where we have to look the most every time we think they have a problem, because in most cases, they are the first to show symptoms. If they have been cold, the symptoms or damages that we will see are the following:

  • Necrotizing of the leavesstarting with the tips and spreading quickly through the rest.
  • Yellowing of the leavespopping up from one day to the next.

And, also, it could have black or rotten stems or trunks.

Recovery of a houseplant that has been cold

To recover an indoor (or outdoor) plant that has been cold, what we have to do is cut with scissors previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol all the yellow and necrotic parts that there are. We must cut only the damaged tissue, leaving the healthy (green in the case of the leaves, hard and firm in the case of the stem or trunk).

Finally, we have to treat them with fungicides (in spray). Why? Because a weak plant is very vulnerable to fungi, microorganisms that could kill it in a matter of days. Likewise, we must place them in a room away from drafts, so that they can get ahead.

Protect your indoor plants from the cold

Thus, we will have many possibilities of recovering our indoor plants .

How to know if an indoor plant has been cold?

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