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They are beautiful and showy plants that have only one point against them: it is seasonal plants that are reborn every year and then wait for the sunset until the following season.

Our annual plants They are those plants that only last a few months and when the cold season approaches they die so they must be replaced by others that resist low temperatures. Of course, while the weather is good, they are very beautiful, with flowers of many colors that manage to catch the eye.

They are also the biannual plants that repeat characteristics although in this case they develop over 24 months, in two consecutive stages. Here we also have very beautiful and striking plants that are also inexpensive.

More about annual and biennial plants

Although it is not frequent that some annual plants survive the winter when they live in places with a warm climate, although it is common that then the second year flowering is worse than the first.

Annual plants

Among the most popular annuals are the following: Agerato, Amaranth, Cockscomb, Clarkia, Cosmos, Joy of the house, Tagetes, Petunia, Antirrhinus, Lobelia, Banderilla or Gallardía.

In the case of biannuals, the group is much more limited, within which are the pansy, campanula or wallflower.

Planting annual and biennial plants

If you want to sow these types of plants you can do it directly on the ground, either to cover spaces between plants or if you want to create a beautiful and flowery corner. The process is very easy since the first thing is to till the land well as these plants require a loose and soft soil.

Annual plants

The ideal is a nutrient-rich soil so you must add organic fertilizer and then differentiate in the field the sectors in which you will plant each of the species. Then spread the seeds of each plant in its respective sector and cover with soil helping you with a rake. Another option is to mulch.

Then there will be water gently so as not to damage the seeds and wait for them to develop. From time to time, clear the ground to clean the area so that the plants can develop better.

Annual and biennial plants | Gardening On

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