Caring for Christmas Plants: Ilex aquifolium or Holly

Christmas is coming! The Christmas smells are already smelled in the atmosphere: we begin to see precious Poinsettia flowers for sale, to listen to conversations about the upcoming holidays, and… how could it be otherwise, we also began to see some plants with very pretty red balls: they are the Holly.

This little plant will undoubtedly be a fabulous gift for the home or garden on these special dates.

Holly Fruits

El Acebo, whose scientific name is Holly aquifoliumIs a majestic tree It can reach 23 meters in height, with a life expectancy of 500 years. It lives in Asia and Europe, withstanding frosts down to -6º. Its leaves, with toothed and spiny edges, are dark green, with a very marked central vein. The fruit is a red ball, which is technically known as behind.

In the market we can find very small specimens, with some berries. They are actually rooted cuttings, since Holly in its natural state does not bear fruit until it has reached adulthood. But it is not a problem. East it is a very resistant treealready from a young age, which will give us many and great satisfactions.

Choosing a copy

Really, we can choose the one we like the most. The only thing to keep in mind is the following:

  • We will choose a specimen that is healthy, without leaves in bad condition.
  • It is advisable to have a well-formed root ball. We can know this if we try to remove it from the pot (without actually removing it) to check that the root ball does not fall apart, or if roots grow out of the drainage holes.

Already at home

Being a tree, its ideal place is outside. But we can have it at home during the Christmas season in a room with enough light, away from drafts. We will water every time the substrate is dry.

It is highly recommended not to transplant it until spring arrives, after frost and before growth resumes.

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Caring for Christmas Plants: Ilex aquifolium or Holly

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