Seven DIY tips to sow your seeds

Although spring is already here, it is possible that in some corners a late frost may fall. But the planting season is fast approaching, and if you want to start with your seeds you can do it directly with the tools you have inside the homeand thus take advantage of the time. When the good weather sets in, your seedlings will already be big enough for you to plant them in the garden.

In nurseries and garden centers they sell all kinds of plastic trays, greenhouses, flowerpots, Jiffy pills, etc. to grow the seeds indoors. But if you want to save money, there are a lot of DIY ideas that you can’t miss.

Flowerpots made of newspapers

Newspaper pots

Small seedbeds can be made by taking a newspaper and wrapping a jar (with holes in the base) or pot with the leaves. If the pot is square and plastic, with a stapler they can be stapled. Once the weather has improved, it can be introduced into the soil to avoid having to transplant the plant.

Egg cartons

Egg carton

It is an ideal and very practical seedbed, since a dozen plants can grow in it, and cardboard will dislike once it is in the ground. Yes, exactly. Using them, you also save the transplant, while helping the environment.



If you have egg cartons, you must also have eggs. The husks are used to add to compost, as well as as natural compost. But they can also be used as seedbeds. Carefully cut it in half and insert a needle or something similar through the base to make a small hole to facilitate drainage. You can use the cardboard to prevent the shells from breaking.

Toilet paper or kitchen roll tubes


Now you can give a new life to the tubes of the paper, be it hygienic or kitchen. The easiest way to turn them into seedlings is as follows: place the tube on a tray and glue it with superglue; then add substrate and then the seed.

Yogurt cups

Yogurt container

If you usually buy yogurts, you can reuse the cups as pots for your seeds. Don’t forget to make a small hole in the base to facilitate drainage. Once you have your seedlings in the garden, you can wash them with water and leave them ready for use over and over again.

Coffee mugs

Cardboard coffee cup

These cups, like yogurt cups, make great planters. It is important to make a hole in the base. If they are made of plastic, they can be reused more times. But if they are made of cardboard, we can put them in the ground and they will dislike.



Do you need a greenhouse? Nothing better than a tupperware preferably with the transparent lid. Make some holes in the base, fill it with soil, sow the seeds, and cover it until they germinate. It is the ideal method if we want plants to later have in individual pots.

Recycled Seed Trays


Canned food soda boxes, for example, are just two ideas that can double as a seedling tray. They can be lined with plastic, make some holes in the base and have a seedbed ready to be used.

Making your own homemade seedlings is a great way to give things new life that we usually keep in a corner. Many of them can be planted in the ground without any problem; while others can be washed and reused numerous times. What’s more, This is how we contribute to the conservation of the environment while saving money and enjoying nature, and why not? With our family. In fact, both children and adults can do them, thus making both of them feel happy.

Or if you have too much free time and you don’t know what to do, you know, look at home for things that you can use as seedlings. You will be surprised how numerous they are, and how useful they can be.

Seven DIY tips to sow your seeds

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