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Birch, olive or poplar are some of the trees most common in Spain but there are other species that attract attention for their exoticism. Are the rarest trees in Spaina set made up of a few thousand species that the organization Bosques Sin Fronteras compiled after six years of work in situ.

It would be almost impossible to name them all, so today we will deal with some of them, trees that you can only find in some corners of the country, even in private places that are difficult to access. It is the case of Chestnut with seven legsa tree that is distinguished for being the thickest chestnut in Spain and owes its name to the seven original branches that arise from the trunk, although today only five survive because two were blown away by the wind. This specimen lives on a farm in Tenerife and has more than 500 years of life.

The Carballo by Cartelos It is an oak from Galicia that is 36 meters high, weighs 113 tons and its perimeter reaches 11 meters. It is a robust tree like few others and in 1967 it was discovered that it has up to 2.000 annual growth rings. In addition, it has a unique appearance due to a series of warts in the trunk area. This tree rests in the Pazo de Cartelos, in the middle of a forest of peers, although it stands out for its size and characteristics.

If there is a tree with a name to remember it is the Maple of the Chair of Felipe IIa specimen that lives in the heart of Madrid and pays tribute to the monarch Felipe II and is located in the surroundings of the Escorial monastery. It is a famous tree that owes its popularity to history as this Montpellier maple rests next to the place where Philip II ordered to make a seat on a rock to guard the construction of the famous monastery. But it is also a unique tree in that it exceeds the average of other trees of the same species with its 10 meters high and its perimeter of one and a half meters.

Another notable tree that lives on Spanish soil is the Bermie yewa specimen that is located on the outskirts of Bermiego, in Asturias, and is 13 meters high and has a perimeter of 7 meters. Its age is unknown although it is supposed to be around 600 to 900 years old. It is a very slow growing tree, between 1 and 3 mm a year, so its height is a true record. In 1995 it was declared a Natural Monument and since then it has been under local protection and is part of the Asturias Natural Resources Plan.

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Rare trees of Spain | Gardening On

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