Guide to buying a door lock

door lock

Before, and even now in some towns, the doors of the houses did not have a lock. They were open because people trusted each other. However, this did not last long and when security was important the door lock became essential.

Are you looking for one that is safe, good, and above all that will last a long time? So perhaps what we have to tell you about today interests you, a lot. Take a look.

Top 1. The best door lock


  • Electronic lock.
  • Simple installation.
  • Lock in 5 seconds after opening.


  • Use batteries (and if they don’t work it doesn’t open).
  • It does not connect to the mobile or the Internet.

Selection of door locks

Discover other door locks that may be interesting for you.

Tesa Assa Abloy 4210BE253NI Narrow Case Single Point Lock

Of anti-jimmy rocker leverthis lock has a stainless steel front and strike. It has a reversible latch.

Lock S7 / 4125 100HB Right Cylinder 50 mm

It is a door lock to overcome, with a 50 mm cylinder and 3 keys.

Tesa Assa Abloy 20106PHL Entry 60 mm Mortise Lock

It is a single point security mortise lock for doors with a narrow front of 20mm. The cylinder actuates the lever and latch.

Mount SER.4M.C/SC/C.DX 60 S/ASTE – Triple lock, right orientation

Available 40mm travel lock bolts and a triple closure with half turn.

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, smart lock for the front door without conversion

It is a digital lock in which you will use your mobile as a key to access. It has an automatic locking system and opens and closes when entering and leaving the house.

Door lock buying guide

We know that if you are looking for a door lock it is because You are concerned about safety, either your own or that of your family. Therefore, when choosing one, you should not only be governed by the price, but also take into account other factors that will influence that choice and that will make the purchase more successful. Below we list them.


The size of the lock will depend on the door you have. You can’t put a small lock when the door is very big because it won’t do any good (it will be easy to make it pop because it doesn’t have enough force to keep the door secure).

Generally, one lock is suitable for doors with a maximum width of 60mm. If your door measures more then you will have to look for some special ones. And the same if it measures less.


Have you ever stopped to think how many types of locks exist? Focusing on locks for security doors, you can find the following:

  • Multipoint: They are one of the safest because they have several anchor points. They are fixed to the door frame and are not vulnerable to the lever system.
  • Cylindrical: They are the usual ones in Europe and very common. They have a cylinder that is activated when the correct key is inserted. The most modern models have anti-bumping systems so that they cannot be forced.
  • embedded: They are used above all in the doors of the house and only the slit through which the key enters can be seen. They are also called sausages and some have an anti-bumping system.
  • Invisible: the newest and safest out there. They work through a remote control.
  • of gorges: They were the most used before the cylindrical ones arrived. They consisted of a key with a tube and a tooth at the end, but they were easy to manipulate.
  • Digital: They are the ones that use numeric keys, fingerprints, cards… to be able to open. They are safe because they lock when they are forced, but they are not common in home doors.
  • Tubular: they are not very secure and are used above all in bathrooms or bedrooms to prevent people from entering. But they can be easily forced.
  • To superimpose: With an inside installation, the lock is exposed on the outside, making them easy to pick with a crowbar.

With or without Wi-Fi

Although they have been with us for a few years, WiFi locks are not particularly established in homes, but they do help to open the door without the need for a key, just using the mobile to do so. Some even have a camera to verify who is behind the door before opening (and thus provide more security).

In your case, when buying a lock, You should think about whether one with or without WiFi is appropriate. What does it depend on? From your Internet connection. And it is that sometimes it does not reach that area of ​​the house and you can find failures when opening. Or even worse, that the Internet goes away and you cannot enter the house.

Price range

The last factor to take into account is the price. But this one will depend on all of the above. Especially the type of door lock you choose.

Generally, prices can range from 15 to more than 500 (in special locks).

What type of lock is the most secure?

When you go looking for a lock, you want it to be as secure as possible. But there are hundreds or thousands of door lock models on the market. And when you are not an expert in them, you cannot be sure that you buy the best. Also, as you have seen before, there are many types of locks.

Of all of them, the best currently is the invisible lock. It is a lock that has a remote control to open or close. In addition, it also allows the use of a cylinder lock, in such a way that it provides double security.

Of course, being the newest, they are also the most expensive.

Where to buy?

buy door lock

buy door lock

After all that we have told you, it is normal that you already have a clear idea of ​​what you want to buy. The door lock is easy to find but not in all stores you will have multiple models to choose from. Sometimes, they only have the ones that people request the most, but they don’t give you a choice.

For this reason, many use the Internet to buy online and thus see more models. Of all the stores, there are two main ones that are sought. And we have analyzed what you can find in them.

The Amazon

On Amazon we can find many products related to a door lock. Now, in those results it is possible that there are accessories for the locks that are not really locks, so you will have to filter.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin has a category that is locks and bolts. Within this it has several subcategories that will depend on what you are looking for to click on one or the other. For example, it has locks for metal doors, to mortise, to overlap…

Approximately has just over 300 models to choose from among all the types that it gives usand their prices vary from 16 to 67 euros.

Now it’s up to you to know which door lock is the best for your particular case.

Guide to buying a door lock

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