Panels for orchids

Fernwood Soft Tree Fern Panels are eco-friendly, non-toxic background panels made from New Zealand grown tree fern. The panels retain moisture very well, which in turn will keep the substrate constantly moist.

tree ferns

Dicksonia sellowiana is a tree fern from the Dicksoniaceae family native to South America.

Named after Friedrich Zello, a German botanist. In addition, this fern is called the xaxim tree.

It grows in the Atlantic forests of the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Also found in the Argentine province of Misiones and in the eastern part of Paraguay.

Dixonia has an upright cylindrical caudex (modified stem) that can reach 10m in height. At the top of the stem are two-meter feathery fronds.

Under natural conditions, the number of this plant species is small. But there are privately controlled forests in New Zealand where xaxim is grown commercially.

It is from the caudex of this fern that panels for orchids are formed.

What are orchid panels used for?

These natural panels are great for:

  • Use in terrariums with frogs, salamanders, iguanas, snakes, spiders, cockroaches;
  • Applications in vivariums with rats, laboratory mice, and other animals;
  • Creation of green walls from different types of ferns and mosses;
  • Formation of vertical gardens;
  • Fixing and effective cultivation of orchids, epiphytes, climbing plants, various representatives of Bromeliads;
  • Use as a substrate in pots;
  • Substrates in Japanese garden areas;
  • Creation of flower arrangements;
  • Formation of a living corner;
  • Conducting controlled biological experiments;
  • Transportation of plants over long distances without deteriorating their appearance;
  • Conservation of some indoor plants for the winter.

Properties of panels for orchids

These tree fern orchid panels have the following unique benefits:

  • Very fibrous and dense;
  • Can last for many years before they need to be replaced;
  • Very light weight when dried;
  • Natural look and color (panels become much darker when wet);
  • Soft and porous, so that plant roots can easily grow on the fiber as a support;
  • The ability to retain moisture for long periods of time,
  • Maintain good aeration in the fiber wall;
  • Natural capillary effect, which is used in vertical walls – when watering from above, water flows continuously through the panels without water entering the surface;
  • They can be easily cut into smaller pieces according to individual requirements;
  • Easy to mount and fix;
  • Through them it is easy to stretch wires or tubes for lighting or irrigation;
  • Help maintain a microclimate;
  • They have good thermal insulation.

In addition, these panels are sterile and prevent the development of fungal and bacterial diseases in planted plants. Thanks to this, you can get healthy and beautiful orchids in a short time.

Panel shapes for orchids

There are two types of orchid panels.

Flat wide panel panels for use in a predominantly horizontal position.

The second type is totems or poles, which are used for vertical fixing in pots or containers.

All types of panels, as well as substrates for orchids at an affordable price, you can find in the Florium online store.

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Published: 24.12.2019

Panels for orchids

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