How to attract goldfinches to the garden?

A living garden is one in which there are a series of plants and animals that make it a wonderful space where you can disconnect from the routine. One of the elements that make it possible is the song of the birds, one of the most interesting being the goldfinch .

This small animal, native to the Mediterranean basin and Europe, brightens up the garden in a very interesting way. But how to attract it?


  • 1 Use natural products to take care of your plants
  • 2 Plant large trees
  • 3 Hang some feeders
  • 4 Prevent cats from going

Use natural products to take care of your plants

neem oil

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It is perhaps the most important. If we use synthetic products, we run the risk that the fauna that interests us, among which we can find birds, will die from poisoning. To avoid this, it is always better to use insecticides and natural fertilizers , such as Neem oil or horse manure . In this way, we will achieve a much richer garden , much more alive.

Plant large trees

Goldfinches love to perch on the branches of very tall trees. For this reason, it is highly recommended to choose to plant some that grow 8 meters or more , such as maples , jacaranda or oak, which will give you very good shade as they grow.

Hang some feeders

In garden stores and, above all, in agricultural stores, we can find a wide variety of bird feeders. If we want them to come, we need to buy some that we can hang or attach to trees in some way .

Prevent cats from going

If we have cats that can go outside or there are felines in the area, we will have to protect the garden from these furry animals, because unfortunately they have a highly developed hunting instinct and will not hesitate to go for the goldfinches. To do this, we can put high wire mesh (grid) (2 meters or more) bordering the garden , and use cat repellents sold in pet stores to keep them away.

yellow goldfinch
How to attract goldfinches to the garden?

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