How to grow celery

Planting celery is often considered the ultimate challenge in vegetable gardening . This is because celery has a fairly long growing season, but has minimal tolerance for heat and cold .

There is not a big difference in taste between the variety you can grow in your garden and the one you could buy in stores, because of this, a large portion of gardeners grow celery plants solely for the challenge that this poses and in this article we will show you which is the most appropriate way to plant celery in your yard.


  • 1 When to start with celery seeds
  • 2 Plant celery in your garden
    • 2.1 Celery plant growth in the garden
  • 3 Blanching Celery

When to start celery seeds

celery seeds

Since celery plants have a very long time to mature , unless you live in an area with long growing seasons , you need to start seeds at least 8 to 10 weeks before the last one . frost date in your area.

Celery seeds are usually small and a bit tricky to grow , so mix them with sand and then pour the mixture into your pots . Then you must cover the seeds with some soil, since these seeds have to be planted at a shallow depth .

plant celery in your garden

plant celery in your garden

If the temperatures in your area stay consistently above 10 – 20 degrees or so , you should be able to grow celery plants in your garden with no problem. But you must not forget that celery is a fairly sensitive plant to both high and low temperatures, so you must not plant it too early, otherwise the celery plant may die due to weakness.

Unless you live in an area that is perfect for growing celery plants, i.e. where the plant can get at least 6 hours of sunlight a day , but also gets plenty of shade in the hottest part of the day. of the day it is necessary that you make sure that the area where you plan to grow the celery plant is one that has fertile soil, since the celery plant requires a large amount of nutrients to grow optimally.

Celery plant growth in the garden

When the celery plant is developing it requires a lot of water supply , so make sure to keep the soil moist and never forget to water the plant, as celery does not have the ability to withstand drought of any kind . Although the soil must be kept moist around it, it should not be excessively, because it would affect the flavor of the celery. You also have to fertilize regularly, to offer the plant the necessary nutrients.

Blanching Celery

Blanching Celery

Most gardeners choose to blanch their celery in order to make it more tender , however, keep in mind that blanching a celery plant minimizes the amount of vitamins it contains. Blanching celery can be done in 2 ways; The first way is simply building little by little a mound around the plant that is growing, and every few days add a little more dirt, in this way at the time of harvest, the celery is whitened.

The other way would be to cover the bottom half of the plant with thick brown paper or cardboard for several weeks before you start harvesting the celery.

Conclusion, once you know how to plant celery , you can try planting it in your garden. We do not guarantee that the celery will be successfully grown, however, you can say that you have at least tried to grow a celery plant yourself.

How to grow celery

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