How to plant cucumber step by step

Cucumber is a very fast growing plant that also produces fruits with an exquisite flavor. In addition, it is very healthy and nutritious, since it has anti-inflammatory properties and is perfect for maintaining the ideal weight; And that’s not to mention that thanks to the vitamin B it has, your cells can stay healthy.

If we take all this into account, you will undoubtedly be interested in knowing how to plant cucumber, right? As well, To do this you only need a few things, and follow the instructions that we are going to explain below.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What do I need to plant cucumber?
  • 2 How to sow cucumber step by step?
    • 2.1 Sowing in seedbed
    • 2.2 Sowing in the garden
  • 3 When to sow cucumber?

What do I need to plant cucumber?

The cucumber is sown in spring

Image – Wikimedia / Prenn

The first thing you have to do is decide where you are going to plant cucumberIf in a seedbed, such as a pot or a tray with holes, or directly in the garden. U.S we recommend that you do it in a seedbed, since in this way you will have greater control of the seeds and their germination, thus avoiding losing them.

Now, if you decide to plant them in the ground, you will have to first place an anti-herb mesh so that the herbaceous plants that are in your area do not have the opportunity to germinate where you place those of your crops.

Therefore, what you will need to plant cucumbers is the following:

  • Sowing in seedbed:
    • Seedbed: pots, trays with holes, yogurt glasses, milk containers … Anything that is resistant to moisture and has or can have a small hole in the base will be perfect.
    • Substrate: in order not to get too complicated, we recommend buying soil prepared for seedlings, or for urban garden. Another interesting option is to mix compost if you usually do with 30% perlite.
    • Watering can with water: it is essential to hydrate the seeds.
  • Sowing in the garden:
    • Anti-herb mesh: so that the cucumber seeds germinate without having competition.
    • Hoe: it will help you dig the trenches where you will sow the seeds.
    • Irrigation system: we recommend that it be drip, since this way the water is used much better.

Likewise, you have to look for a place protected from direct sun, and since cucumber is a climbing plant, you will also need stakes or some support on which it can climb.

How to sow cucumber step by step?

Cucumbers need a guardian

Image – Wikimedia / GT1976

If you already have everything you need, it is time to get down to work:

Sowing in seedbed

  1. The first thing to do is fill the seedbed with the chosen substrate. It should not be filled to the brim, but almost.
  2. Then, water conscientiously. Pour water in until all the soil is soaked and unused waste comes out of the drainage holes.
  3. The next step is take some seeds and bury them a centimeter or less. In addition, they must be separated from each other so that in this way they germinate and grow without problems. In fact, it is best to put 1 or 2 in each pot, socket, etc.
  4. Finally, the seedbed will be placed outside.

Sowing in the garden

  1. If you want to plant cucumber in the garden, you have to prepare the ground before; that is, you have to remove the weeds, and move the rototiller to remove any stones. Then fertilize, for example by adding compost or guano, and level the land.
  2. Then you have to place the anti-weed mesh. If the wind is not blowing in your area, you can hold it with medium-sized stones (just over 20 centimeters long) or with the same soil from your garden; otherwise, it will be preferable to use stakes or even concrete.
  3. The next step is make holes in the anti-weed mesh wherever you are going to sow. Ideally, the plants should be about 40-50 centimeters from each other, so the holes will have to be that distance apart.
    The holes should not be large: think that the seeds are one centimeter and that the trunk of the plants is no more than 4-5 centimeters. As long as they have a diameter of 15 centimeters, cucumbers will grow well.
  4. Now install the irrigation system and make sure that the water reaches all the points where it has to go.
  5. To finish, sow the seeds. Place a maximum of two in each area, and bury them a little (no more than one centimeter) with soil.

And ready! Whether you sow in seedlings or gardens, as long as they stay hydrated, they shouldn’t take more than ten days to come out.

When to sow cucumber?

Cucumber is a herbaceous plant that lives for only a few months. So, it is important to sow your seeds in spring, which is when the conditions are the most suitable for germination to occur. Now, when exactly are they sown: early, mid, or late?

Well, it will depend on the temperatures in your area. This plant does not like the cold, so it is advisable to sow when the minimum temperature is 15ºC or more.

Have a very good sowing, and above all, enjoy sowing the cucumber seeds.

How to plant cucumber step by step

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