Learn to grow cherry tomato

The cherry tomato , barely 2-3cm in diameter, is the most prized fruit to flavor toast or even salads. But how is it grown? The truth is that to obtain an excellent harvest it is not necessary to get very complicated, we do not even have to have a garden.

Learn how to grow cherry tomatoes in a simple way, and enjoy their delicious flavor.

Cherry tomato cultivation

cherry tomato plant

The cherry tomato, whose fruit comes from a plant known by the scientific name Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme , is a variety of tomato that can be grown both in a pot and in the ground, even better than the rest of the varieties. They hardly require specific care, and in addition, it is very productive. If you don’t believe me, take note of our advice and then tell me :

  • Sowing : the seeds should be sown in the nursery at the beginning of spring, when the risk of haulage has passed. As such you can use seedling trays, pots, peat tablets, milk containers,… whatever you prefer.
  • Location : they must be in an area where they get direct sunlight.
  • Substrate/Garden soil: the substrate or soil must be loose and have very good drainage, as this will prevent root rot.
  • Fertilizer : it is important to pay with liquid organic fertilizers throughout the season, following the instructions specified on the package. If they are in the garden, they can be fertilized with organic powder fertilizers, pouring one each about 3cm thick once a month.
  • Irrigation : it has to be frequent, preventing the soil from drying out.
  • Pruning : it is advisable to sprout from time to time any lateral shoot in the axils of the stems with leaves. This will ensure that the plant has more clusters.
  • Harvest : the cherry tomatoes will be ready as soon as they are completely red, more or less 4 months after sowing.
Cherry tomatoes

Enjoy your harvest.

Learn to grow cherry tomato

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