Options to improve a garden with poor drainage

Do you want to have a green and copious garden of specimens? Then you must pay attention to soil drainage , that is, the ability of the land to absorb water from irrigation or rain.

There are several ways to check the soil in your garden, from digging a hole in the ground and seeing when the water runs out to checking for puddles after a rain.

Once you know the terrain you are dealing with, it is time to think about suitable solutions to improve drainage in case of deficiencies. If you really find many drainage problems, it is best to install a network of drainage pipes to solve the problem at the root, but if the problems are not so serious, there are intermediate options that will help you improve drainage.

– Create slopes on the ground: so that the water drains to and from either side or goes towards a gutter. This system serves to guide rainwater and irrigation.

– Levelling : it is about leveling the ground to avoid irregularities that can lead to the accumulation of water.

– Create ditches or gutters : you can make them at the bottom of a slope to guide the water.

– Create ridges or ridges : these are small hills or mounds of earth where you can plant specimens so that less water accumulates in them.

– Make vertical drains : it is a system of wells that are made to a subsoil so that the drainage water is deposited there.

– Choice of species : you can always choose the type of plants, trees and fruits to plant according to the soil you have, opting for those that are more resistant to poor drainage if they have it.

– Add organic matter and sand : this will allow you to aerate the soil and give it structure to improve water infiltration.

– Control irrigation : depending on the type of drainage, you should water less in order to prevent too much water from being retained in the soil.

Options to improve a garden with poor drainage

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