DIY ideas to have a dream garden

Do you want to transform your garden? Do you think it lacks a touch of joy or color? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in luck because below we are going to give you some DIY ideas that will help you transform your favorite space at home.

You will see that they are simple ideas, that once they decide to put into practice you can ask for the collaboration even of the children. So do not hesitate to call your children to personalize them, letting your imagination run wild 😉.

Cans turned into pots to bring a wall to life

Reuse containers by turning them into pots

Image – Flickr / Magda Wojtyra

Metal and plastic are some of the most resistant materials to the passage of time that exist, but this is precisely why it is highly recommended to give them the more useful lives the better. In fact, if you have cans or bottles you can turn them into great pots . You just have to make a hole in the base through which the water can come out, paint them to your liking and then plant small plants in them, such as geraniums, petunias, or carnations. Finally, you only have to decide where to put them, such as hooked on the wall.

A teepee for the little ones

Make a teepee for the children

Children enjoy having their own »little house». Why not make them a tipi in the purest Indian style? It can be great in a corner of the garden, surrounded by greenery . In addition, to do this you only need a few strong wooden strips (such as pine) varnished, two of which must be joined by aluminum squares. Once the structure is finished, it has to be covered with a laminated canvas which the little ones will surely enjoy decorating to their liking using water paint.

Garden bench to relax

Make a nice wooden bench

Trees, although they have a very long life expectancy, sooner or later come to an end. But far from being cut down and taken to the compost heap, they can still be remembered using their trunks as benches . To do this, you have to treat them against fungi and insects with a specific product for wood, and after giving them several passes of varnish and leaving it to dry completely, you can build a nice bench in your garden.

Stone path between plants

Create a stone path between your plants

Image – Flickr / Michael Coghlan

Sometimes it does not happen to you that you have certain problems to water well some plants that are far away? Or that you end up with too dirty mud shoes? To stop it from happening, one solution is to create a path of stones taken from the garden itself. These can be any size you like, but it is important that they are not excessively high / thick with respect to the garden soil level , otherwise there could be a risk of tripping.

Hotel for insects in a great corner

View of a homemade insect hotel

Insects are essential for the garden to overflow with health and life. While it is true that there are some that are potential enemies of plants, there are many more that are interesting to attract. One way to do this is to build an insect hotel with wooden slats (may be with pallet slats) and dry grass. Decide first what structure and size it will have, and then get down to work. When you have finished, place it in the quietest area of ​​your garden , preferably surrounded by plants that also appeal to you, such as aromatic ones or those with showy and / or fragrant flowers, such as daisies, marigolds, or begonias.

Homemade drip irrigation to make better use of water

Plastic bottles will serve as watering cans

With plastic bottles you can do many things, including a home drip irrigation that will allow you to have the plants well hydrated for a time . To do this, you have to make about 4-5 holes in the cap, cut the bottom part about 3 centimeters, and then bury the top part with the lid down next to the plant you want to water. Then it will only be necessary to fill the bottle with water 🙂.

Decorative elements in very special places

Put a nice decorative element in a corner

Often the most beautiful is the simplest. Therefore, we recommend putting decorative elements in the most special or most unexpected corners . For example, animal figures a little hidden among the bushes or garden gnomes welcoming the pool area, are things that will revitalize the garden even more, making it a very special place to spend wonderful moments, either alone. , or in the company of family and / or friends.

And with this we end the article. We hope that you liked the ideas that we have proposed to you, and that you have a great time when you put them into practice. If you can think of more ideas, feel free to write them down in the comments.

DIY ideas to have a dream garden

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