Tips for planting hedges

Hedges are very important and necessary decorative elements in gardens . Thanks to them, we can have the paths delimited, the different areas or corners divided in a very natural way and, in addition, we can gain privacy, something that comes in handy whether we live alone in the middle of the field or if we have neighbors.

Even so, you have to have a series of things so that the plants grow correctly and without too many complications, otherwise we would end up spending money unnecessarily. To prevent this from happening to you, write down these tips on how to plant hedges 😉.

Decide the area where you are going to plant them

Hedge of different bushes

Depending on the type of hedge you want to create, as well as the needs of each plant, you have to decide where you want to have your hedge . For example, if you want a tall hedge to give you privacy, you will have to plant it next to the wall or fence; But if you are interested in simply having the areas of the garden delimited, take the draft or planning of it and plant it where necessary.

Choose the best time to plant them

Regardless of the species you have chosen, it is very important that you plant your hedge in late winter or spring . You can also do it in autumn if you live in an area where the climate is mild, or there is no frost. During the summer it is not advisable to do it, because it is when it is consuming its energy only and exclusively in its growth, and a transplant could weaken it a lot.

Don’t plant them too close together

People often make the mistake of planting the plants very close together, something that in the long run ends up generating losses, both aesthetic and economic. It is necessary to be patient, and respect the space that each of them needs. Thus, at least 20cm must be left between specimens , the larger their size being more.

Buy resistant plants

This is essential. You can not pretend to have a hedge with, for example, azaleas in an area where it is very hot and also the soil is calcareous, because they would not grow well at all and, in fact, they would end up dying. In order not to be mistaken, however, you will not have to do a great job of research, but simply to choose plants that they have in the outdoor facilities of the nurseries in your area . So, surely you are not wrong 🙂.

Tall cypress hedge
Tips for planting hedges

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