Growing methods that really work

There are so many different ways to grow and plant your plants that it’s impossible to list them all. That is why we have selected five methods for you that, although at first they seem complicated or very forced to do, they are guaranteed to work.

They can be used both for orchard and ornamental gardening. Not to mention that some of these methods can be used if you live in an apartment.


  • 1 Recycled tires
  • 2 garden tray
  • 3 Planters with stones or Keyhole
  • 4 Aquaponics
  • 5 Gardens in the windows
  • 6 Pots made of straw or Straw Bale

recycled tires

plant in tire

Previously we have already talked about the tires, but today we will name them again. And, they are ideal as a pot! You can put, as seen in the photo, one on top of the other so that the plant can grow and develop even better.

You can get tires at any car repair shop. Once they are worn out, mechanics usually dispose of them by taking them to a recycling factory. Give your old wheels a new life!

gardening tray

gardening tray

It is portable, and excellent to use as a vegetable seedling. You can start by using just a plastic box or tray and some dividers (which can be a grid of large squares).

Taking into account the size of the adult plant, one or more seeds will be placed in each hole. For example, in the case of tomatoes, one seed will be planted, while if we have carrots or oregano we can place four or more seeds depending on the available space.

Planters with stones or Keyhole

keyhole garden

Keyhole planters provide the right growing conditions when the soil or climate we have is not right. Usually the stones, which are flat, are arranged in a circle. This method allows the soil conditions to be regulated, in the center the compost is added, thus guaranteeing that future plants have all the necessary nutrients.

They are easy to build and, in addition, can be customized to the gardener’s taste. You can use decorative bricks, pieces of wood, tree trunks, blocks,…



Who said that land is necessary to grow vegetables? Aquaponics (or hydroponics) is a farming system for organic gardens that uses fish waste to feed plants. There is a wide variety of aquaponic systems on the market, suitable for all budgets and all types of people, whether or not they are experts in this method of cultivation. Kits are sold, and in addition, you can choose the type of fish that will participate. Children are often curious about aquaponics.

Just like in an aquarium, this system will need monitoring and testing from time to time to make sure everything is working perfectly.

window gardens

garden in the window

Have you ever seen something similar to what you see in the photo? The truth is that it is something very curious, and very simple to do at the same time. Plants grow out of the bottle, while an air pump (such as those used in aquariums) circulates liquid nutrients that gently flow down the structure. Sunlight is very necessary, but failing that you can use LED bulbs.

It goes without saying that this method is ideal for those who do not have a garden. But if you live on the first floor, don’t hesitate to put up a curtain for privacy.

Pots made from Straw or Straw Bale

Straw Bale

If you don’t have a large garden, don’t worry. You can place a small bale of straw in an inconspicuous corner, and ensure that the plant will have all the nutrients it needs as it decomposes. Remember that it is a biodegradable material, which will also help to extend the gardening season a little longer, since it provides heat to the roots.

What do you think of these methods? Of course , they are ideal for having only recycled things in your garden that will give a very different and natural touch to your favorite green corner. If you have tried any of them, do not hesitate to tell us about it.

Growing methods that really work

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