Month: April 2022

Home remedies to avoid pests in the garden

Having a garden at home requires time and money. An effort that does not make much sense if at the time of eradicating pests, insects or fungi that can cause certain diseases you resort to the classic chemical anti -pests. Recovering grandma’s recipe book, it is possible to drive away the enemies of our plants with some home remedies that use noble and natural […]

Mexican food with fresh chilies from the garden

If you like the cuisine of the highlands , you will have to nourish yourself with some ingredients originating in Latin America that are widely used to prepare those characteristic dishes, so full of flavor and aromas. Mexican food, for example, is nourished by the different varieties of peppers , which are used in different ways in their recipes. Today […]

Persimmon varieties

The persimmon , whose scientific name is Dyospyros kaki , is a fruit tree of Asian origin. It is one of those plants that are very practical since, in addition to producing fruits with an exquisite flavor, they are very ornamental. It tolerates pruning quite well, which makes the persimmon an ideal tree to have in a pot. Do you want […]

Vertical hydroponics, the A-frame Hydroponic Vertical Garden

Today we present a hydroponic system which is ideal for those who have little space and want to grow their own food. The system is called A-frame Hydroponic Vertical Garden , and it has been manufactured in East Asia. You can even expand and make it bigger. In this way more plants could be grown without any problem. Are you interested in […]

Kokedama care

Kokedama . Koke: moss, Lady: ball. Or those decorative plants that grow in small spheres of moss and are very fashionable these days. It is a living moss, hence its name, but also a technique of Japanese origin who knows why, one day it crossed borders and became fashionable in many countries around the world. In some way, we could think of […]

History of the Kokedama

As we have seen on previous occasions, making a Kokedama is very simple if we follow the step by step . These plants, introduced in a ball of moss, can live without problems inside the home. But keep in mind that, although they serve as decoration, they are living beings, and they should not lack water. But would you like to […]

How are chiles grown?

They are said to have a pungent taste that some find very unpleasant, but others love them nonetheless. I’m talking about chili peppers , which are closely related to bell peppers. In fact, they are from the same family and genus. They are distributed mainly in South America, in tropical areas where winters are warm and there is no risk […]

Grow Genovese basil

Genoese giant basil is the most popular variety of this herb that is so widely used in Mediterranean cuisine . It is the one you find in the market and in the greengrocer, a perennial plant with erect stems and large, petiolate and somewhat irregular and jagged leaves. Its flowers are white or soft purple and its fruits are achenes. This plant can reach […]

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