Plant a hop plant in a beer can

I not only like to tell you about the optimal irrigation for your garden, the best plants to grow in summer or the secrets that every good gardener should know. If there is something that amuses me, it is learning about those new inventions that give us the option of getting our plants to germinate through alternative ways.

On several occasions we have talked about cultivation tables and their virtues , that is, the possibility of growing vegetables on a small surface and in any urban corner. But there are also even more practical ideas like this beer can that comes with everything you need to grow your hop plant right there .

a brainchild

The idea comes from the hand of the World Class beer brand, which has sought an original way to promote itself with this alternative that is still interesting in the eyes of any amateur gardener.

The proposal is as follows: you buy a can of beer that comes with the soil and the hop seeds . You just have to open the can and sprinkle with water for the seeds to germinate and when they have done so, it is time to transplant the seedling into a pot.

hops plant

100% craft beer

Made in Italy, this idea has sought to generate a fun and ecological alternative at the same time for all beer lovers. The idea of ​​having the plant at home is not bad. Who says, you even become interested in the art of craft beer and become an expert when it comes to processing the plant in order to extract that characteristic bitterness.

You can find the Grow Your Own Beer Hops can online and buy it right there for $10.40.

Plant a hop plant in a beer can

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