Grow vegetables in recycled buckets

The idea is to save time and money. In a difficult time in all senses, it is necessary to analyze each movement well before making it, study the market, the methods and those products that will facilitate the life of the amateur gardener .

If it comes to finding new growing methods , you can try a very easy and cheap one: growing vegetables in buckets . Here there are no major secrets and also the starting point is recycling, an activity that you can also share with the children.


  • 1 The benefits of growing in buckets
  • 2 Some basic tips

The benefits of growing in buckets

Planting vegetables in containers is not something new, although the point to be made here is that instead of buying special containers for plants, you can use old plastic buckets or a similar receptacle.

Grow vegetables in buckets

You don’t need space to grow vegetables in buckets, a small space to place your buckets of future carrots, onions and tomatoes will suffice. In addition to saving space, cubes are a good option because they are also portable and you can change their place according to the light conditions they need and the rotation of the sun according to the time of year.

In addition, here you do not have to carry out tillage tasks, dig holes and prevent rabbits and other animals from eating the plants. And, best of all, you will not spend money on the purchase.

Some basic tips

If you want to grow vegetables in paint buckets, the only thing you have to take into account is the space that each particular plant needs. The proportions are as follows, starting from 20-litre buckets:

– Tomatoes, melons, cucumbers: 1 plant per bucket.
– Pepper: 2 plants per bucket.
– Beans: 3 plants per bucket.
– Onions, lettuce, beets: 4 plants per bucket
– Carrot, Radicheta: 10 plants per bucket.

You can also plant all kinds of herbs, always limiting the number to 1 plant per bucket. Remember to make holes in the bucket for drainage and avoid those buckets that have been used with toxic chemicals .

Grow vegetables in buckets
Grow vegetables in recycled buckets

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