Where to place a bonsai according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy originating in China that may apply to the home to improve the influences and energies that the objects in our environment exert on us. Among the enormous spectrum of variants that Feng Shui contemplates, there is one in particular that even among experts is complex to classify: bonsai.

Is having a bonsai at home good or bad according to Feng Shui? Where should a bonsai be put? They are questions without a simple answer, but if you want to unravel it or find out a little more, join us in this article on where to place a bonsai according to Feng Shui.

What does it mean to have a bonsai at home according to Feng Shui

The discipline of Feng Shui is ancient and originated in the Chinese empire, where it was applied exclusively to the buildings and homes of nobles and rulers. Currently, its simplest application in homes is based on attracting positive energies with the distribution and orientation of the furniture and elements of a house.

But what are the energies of bonsai? Feng Shui establishes very clear and direct guidelines in some aspects, but it is more free and subjective in others; bonsai is one of the latter. If we go back to the origin and history of bonsai, we will reach a period of about 2,000 thousand years ago, again in China. There, the Taoist monks applied very laborious techniques to get some trees to grow much smaller than natural, also giving them the forms that the strict discipline of bonsai marked. The spiritual meaning of bonsai , thus, was that of a bridge between the divine and the earthly and in Japan it was adopted as part of Zen aesthetics and philosophy.

Thus, the importance of bonsai in Feng Shui lies mainly in what its presence and care arouses in the inhabitants of the home. It is true that the cultivation of bonsai is inevitably associated with artificial control and growth limitation, so it is common not to advise having a bonsai at work or a business, where the exact opposite is sought: growth. On the other hand, it is recommended to have a bonsai a house for people sick with degenerative diseases or that spread throughout the body, precisely because of the idea that those energies of constriction and growth impediment act on the disease itself.

In the end, as we have already said, the most important thing is what bonsai does in you. If when you see a bonsai you are amazed by its orderly beauty and you feel respect and admiration for the discipline and perseverance that its work requires, as well as for having contact with nature, it will be a positive influence on you. If, on the other hand, you see a plant that has not been allowed to grow naturally or the human hand on the tree is unpleasant to you, you should definitely not have a bonsai at home.

Where to place a bonsai according to Feng Shui - What does it mean to have a bonsai at home according to Feng Shui

Where to place a bonsai according to Feng Shui

If your intuition tells you that bonsai will be a positive energy element for your home and for you , it is time to decide the location of the bonsai . As is evident, it is an object closely linked to the wood element, so you must locate it in a Bagua area of ​​this element, that is, located to the east or southeast , with power from the south. Well located, you can enjoy all the advantages of caring for a bonsai in your home, working on patience and discipline and learning to cultivate harmony.

Where to place a bonsai according to Feng Shui

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