Year: 2021

Planting a potted lemon tree

On many occasions, we may want to have a fruit tree at home but we do not have a large plot of land or a space in the garden. If this is your case, don’t worry, today we are going to give you some tips so that you can have a lemon tree in a pot, and you […]

Care of grafted plants

Many people use the grafting of plants to get new varieties, joining two already existing ones. It is important to remember that the graft is carried out in those plants that do not have enough strength to grow by themselves, so it is best to create a graft so that they can do it with the help of […]

How to care for basil

When we have a garden or a space on our balcony to grow some plants , we not only have to think about growing them directly in the ground, we can also use pots to grow flowers, plants and even medicinal herbs. One of the plants that is most grown in pots is basil, not only for its […]

Brass containers for your plants

If you are thinking of giving a new touch to your garden, or to your plants that you have on the balcony of your house, today we bring you a proposal that will surely fascinate you. In addition to helping you with the environment and with recycling that we talked about a few days ago, with […]

Grow edible mushrooms easily

For many, mushrooms are delicious, and excellent companions, not only for delicious salads but also for elegant and succulent dishes. However, although we can grow them at home, it is important that we be very careful when making and collecting them, since there are many varieties of mushrooms that are not edible and that could end up being […]

The flower of wonders

Although many may not know this flower, the flower of wonders, it has become in recent years one of the favorites of plant lovers and in general gardening. And it is no wonder, its bright colors and easy maintenance make it the favorites of many people dedicated to this art. There are several varieties of this flower , each […]

How to make my own hydroponic garden?

Hydroponics and hydroponic farming is a form of agriculture that is being used currently very much, that uses substances special minerals, and water instead of soil or soil to grow plants in a nutshell a hydroponics garden would be a garden it has no land but water. It is important to note that these types of gardens […]

How to grow plants in water?

In case you didn’t know, the only way to grow plants at home is not by using a pot and a little soil, you can also use water to grow them. It should be noted that the soil is the essential medium to support the plant in a straight way, allowing the nutrients to be taken correctly through […]

Create a low maintenance garden

Although many people may not have a large backyard to accommodate different types of plants and shrubs, we have already mentioned how to go about having our own garden on a balcony or terrace. However, little has been said about creating a low-maintenance garden. In this way, if you do not have time, or simply prefer to […]

5 Medicinal plants to grow at home

As we have already mentioned on different occasions, in addition to being able to grow vegetables, greens, and fruits in our own garden, which we use to make salads, dishes, or sauces, we can also grow certain medicinal plants that will help us at specific times. It is for this reason, that today, we present you with 5 […]

The smallest flower in the world

As you must already know and have surely seen on occasion, on our planet, there are very strange and rare species of plants and flowers. It is for this reason that today we bring you a flower, considered the smallest flower in the world. We are talking about the Wolffia angusta, also known as the Australian duckweed. The […]

Fruit thinning on fruit trees

For those who do not know this term, fruit thinning is a task that is done with fruit trees, to unload the fruits to obtain larger ones instead of very small fruits. This task is done with the aim that the fruits reach a larger size and is essential in many fruit trees such as pear, apple, and […]

Choosing the type of soil for a small garden

If you have been thinking about designing a small garden in an outdoor space of your house, it is time you get down to work, because today, we will help you choose the soil, that is, the type of coverage you will use. Do not think that this is a decision to take lightly, on the contrary, the […]

Pests on climbing plants

As we have seen on different occasions, vines, or climbing plants, are plants that serve to decorate walls, walls or any other place; they can make a pergola look more beautiful and natural than it really is. However, it is important that, like any other plant, we pay close attention to it and watch out for pests or […]

Types of humus

Surely on more than one occasion, you have heard about the need for hummus in plants and in the soil in your garden, but have you ever wondered what type of element is humus? It is for this reason that today we are going to tell you a little about this organic fertilizer that is essential for the […]

Compost for a vegetable garden

As we all know, compost is a very important element to take into account when planting any tree, flower or crop, and for that reason this time we want to tell you a little about compost for a vegetable garden. It is important to note that we can use different types of compost in a garden, but […]

Grow hanging plants

The summertime is coming and with it the high temperatures, which allow us to go out to the balcony and the garden to enjoy a beautiful day in contact with nature. It is the ideal time for us to start taking care of our plants and trying a new way of decorating with hanging plants. The species hanging […]

How to grow fruits and vegetables in pots?

When we have talked about growing vegetables and fruits, we have always talked about how to do it in an orchard or a garden, however, in case you did not know, any type of cultivation can also be done in pots. Growing your fruits and vegetables in pots is a very good alternative since you can allocate […]

Combine Plants in Planters

One of the most beautiful options when decorating our windows, or balconies and terraces, are the planters, especially if we are not looking to plant the plants directly in the ground. The planters or large pots are very beautiful, especially when inside them, we combine different species of flowers, colors, and appearances, to give a very special […]

Easy to Care Plants

To take care of the plants in our garden, balcony, terrace, or indoors, it is important that we have a lot of patience and time to dedicate to them. The most frequent problem is that, generally, many of us do not have enough time, we cannot dedicate ourselves to the plants in an adequate way, to be […]

How to remove parasites from the earth?

The substrate is essential for the development and growth of any type of plant, shrub, vegetable, crop, among others, so we must always pay close attention to the type of substrate we need and its condition for use in our garden or orchard. However, on many occasions, it may happen that different types of parasites appear […]

Growing Vegetables in Seedbeds

The sowing of seeds can be done in different ways, although generally the most recommended and the most used is to do it through seedbeds, which can be specific or simply be any type of container to carry out the cultivation. The specific containers to make seedlings can be flowerpots, yogurt containers, trays, basins, among others. The seedlings in […]

The Laws of the Japanese Garden

As we mentioned earlier, when we are thinking of giving our garden a different touch, we can opt for a  Japanese-style garden. This design not only brings balance and naturalness to our environment, but we will also be ensuring a beautiful and quiet place in our home. However, before we start, it is important that we begin to […]

Types of Garden Ponds

If you have a garden at home, and a large space to decorate it and use different elements to make it beautiful, an ideal option that you could consider is a pond to decorate your garden, since it will give it a lot of life, and you could also incorporate different plants and even some animal […]

Characteristics of Anthuriums

As with most plant species, anthuriums are known in different ways, in various areas where they are found or simply grown in the wild. Anthuriums, or Anthurium as they are scientifically known, are also called Callas, Flor de Rabo or Flor de Flamenco. Although this plant is native to the continent of South America, especially in those warmer […]

Characteristics of modern gardens

Modern gardens, unlike traditional and old gardens, have different shapes and designs that make them true works of contemporary art. The main characteristic that is presented to us with modern gardens is the widening of the margins and the diversity of elements used for the elaboration of this type of garden. Generally, classic shapes are used, with […]

How to create a humid environment for indoor plants

During the fall and winter, many indoor plants have a bad appearance: yellow leaves, brown tones at the ends, the flowers fade quickly or are even completely absent. The cause of this is the lack of humidity inside our home. Today we tell you how to solve it. Most indoor plants are used to humid environments (70% humidity or […]

How to Build Our Own Greenhouse?

Due to the low temperatures that have been hitting the European continent and part of the American continent in recent weeks, many people who previously preferred to plant their flowers, vegetables, and vegetables outdoors, have had to start opting for greenhouses to protect their plants and your crop. Although this protected planting option can be […]

Vegetable Harvesting

When we plant vegetables in our own garden or greenhouse, it is important that we know exactly when they are harvested to ensure that the fruit or leaf is fully developed and ready for the family to eat. It is for this reason that today we bring you some examples of collecting the most used vegetables, pay close attention: Tomato: […]

Sowing Vegetables in Seedlings in Containers

When we are growing at home, either in an outdoor garden or in a greenhouse, which, as we saw, is protected, it is important that we start by sowing the seeds in seedlings in containers. This type of seedlings is recommended when planting vegetables such as celery, onion, eggplant, pumpkin, lettuce, tomato, pepper, leek, cucumber, etc. It […]

Greenhouse temperature

In the previous post, we saw some ways to maintain the proper temperature in greenhouses, depending on the conditions we have inside them, for example ways to increase or decrease the temperature or also the ways to increase or decrease the light to which our greenhouse is exposed. Today, we bring you some tips about the temperature […]

Climate Control in Greenhouses

As we have already mentioned in other posts, one of the most important advantages of greenhouses is that we can control the temperature and climate that we have within our covered garden. It is for this reason that today, we bring you some tips about climate control in greenhouses : How to increase the light ?: To increase the […]

The Climate in Greenhouses

As we have already mentioned in other posts, one of the advantages of having vegetable and fruit crops inside a greenhouse is the manipulation that we can have with the climate. We can recreate humid, tropical, and dry spaces within one place. In this way, we can have different climates inside a greenhouse : Cold greenhouses: this type of greenhouse […]

Make an Organic Garden Step by Step

As we have seen in other posts, having an organic garden at home not only brings us economic benefits, since we can save some money by growing our own products, it also brings us the joy of being able to produce our own food at home. It is for this moment that today we bring you step by […]

Growing Fruits and Vegetables in Pots

As we have already mentioned in other previous posts, growing vegetables and fruits in our own home is something that not only brings us economic benefits, and we can save a lot of money by harvesting our own food, but it is also a quite satisfactory activity for ourselves and our family. One of the alternatives that we […]

Vegetable cultivation

As we saw before, for many people growing their own food is an activity that is not only considerably cheaper but also rewarding and different. And it is that by growing our own vegetables and vegetables we ensure ourselves and our family healthier and 100 percent natural products, free of preservatives, toxins, and preservatives. Today […]

The ideal soil for growing plants

To be successful in growing plants and vegetables in our garden it is important that we know and improve the soil. It is for this reason that today we bring you the ideal characteristics that the soil should have for the cultivation of our plants. Deep: to improve the deep soil, perhaps due to the appearance of a […]

Tree Root Problems

As we have seen before, although trees offer us a million benefits, from the shade they produce to the production of food for daily consumption, they can also generate some problems that require immediate attention and care. That is why today we bring you some problems that can be generated with the roots of trees, pay close attention, and […]

Tree transplantation

When we talk about transplanting a tree, we are talking about extracting a tree, or shrub from the ground and planting it in another place, be it a pot or another place such as from a garden to a park, or from a pot to the ground. But, before talking about the transplanting process, we are […]

How to prevent weeds from coming out?

As we saw earlier, the first thing we should know about weeds is that they make our garden look unkempt and ugly. They are also a refuge for pests and give the feeling of compost to our trees and plants. However, not everything is negative, they can also be used to protect the soil from erosion and reused to […]

Tree Fertilizer

As we have seen previously, there are some factors that we must take into account when planting a tree in our garden. In addition to taking care of the irrigation and avoiding generating puddles so that the rotting of the roots and later the death of the plant does not occur, we have to make sure that we […]

Pruning time for blueberry and currant bushes

The pruning of those bushes that bear fruit is extremely necessary to keep them productive. It will be necessary to maintain the vigor of the plant and prevent it from pests and diseases if we want to obtain a quality harvest later. Here are some basic concepts with which you can achieve it. Blueberries ( Vaccinium sp. ) Its pruning is done once a year in spring , starting […]

Healing of Cacti and other Succulent Plants

Although, as we have seen previously, cacti and other types of succulents are quite resistant to diseases and disorders, at times they can become ill and acquire pests that can affect their development and flowering (if that is the case). And although it is important that we prevent their appearance of for the correct development of our plant, […]

How to Prevent Diseases in Cactus?

Although, as we have seen previously, cacti and other types of succulents are quite resistant to diseases and disorders, it is important that we prevent their appearance for the correct development of our plant. It is for this reason that today we bring you some tips to prevent diseases in cacti and other succulents : It is […]

Cactus Diseases

As we have seen previously and although cacti and other types of succulent plants are very resistant to diseases, pests, and disorders, like any other plant they can suffer from these types of problems. Today, we will talk about the diseases that cacti and other succulents can suffer. It should be noted that diseases in this […]

Rose Bush Weed Control

The weed or weeds when planted rosebushes also appear in our garden. Not only do they give it that unkempt and unpleasant appearance, but they also steal the nutrients, water, and minerals that help our rose bush to develop and flourish properly. There are 2 types of weeds: annual herbs, which are born from seeds, and perennial herbs, which […]

How to prevent fungus in your rose bush?

As we have already mentioned, roses can suffer from different diseases, disorders and even acquire bacteria, viruses and pests. It is very important to take the necessary and adequate care to prevent our rose bush from dying or not developing properly. In addition to the diseases and disorders mentioned above, our rose bush can also be attacked […]

Rose diseases

As well as rose bushes, they can suffer from some problems such as pests that affect their growth and flowering. They can also suffer from diseases that will affect their development and flower quality in the same way. The diseases in roses can be of 3 types: produced by fungi, bacteria or viruses produced. Diseases caused by fungi are […]

Indoor Gardening

If we want to have a garden inside our house , it is important to know which indoor plant is most suitable for each of the places in our home. Some plants, for example, may require more light than others, so placing it in its proper place will receive adequate light, heat and humidity so that it can […]

Choose Fruit Tree Species According to the Weather

If you are one of those who like to eat fruit and would like to plant fruit trees in your garden, you should know that some fruit species are more suitable for each climate. The first thing to consider before planting a fruit tree in your garden is the weather. If the weather is cold, there are […]

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