Year: 2021

Planting a potted lemon tree

On many occasions, we may want to have a fruit tree at home but we do not have a large plot of land or a space in the garden. If this is your case, don’t worry, today we are going to give you some tips so that you can have a lemon tree in a pot, and you […]

Care of grafted plants

Many people use the grafting of plants to get new varieties, joining two already existing ones. It is important to remember that the graft is carried out in those plants that do not have enough strength to grow by themselves, so it is best to create a graft so that they can do it with the help of […]

How to care for basil

When we have a garden or a space on our balcony to grow some plants , we not only have to think about growing them directly in the ground, we can also use pots to grow flowers, plants and even medicinal herbs. One of the plants that is most grown in pots is basil, not only for its […]

Brass containers for your plants

If you are thinking of giving a new touch to your garden, or to your plants that you have on the balcony of your house, today we bring you a proposal that will surely fascinate you. In addition to helping you with the environment and with recycling that we talked about a few days ago, with […]

Grow edible mushrooms easily

For many, mushrooms are delicious, and excellent companions, not only for delicious salads but also for elegant and succulent dishes. However, although we can grow them at home, it is important that we be very careful when making and collecting them, since there are many varieties of mushrooms that are not edible and that could end up being […]

The flower of wonders

Although many may not know this flower, the flower of wonders, it has become in recent years one of the favorites of plant lovers and in general gardening. And it is no wonder, its bright colors and easy maintenance make it the favorites of many people dedicated to this art. There are several varieties of this flower , each […]

How to make my own hydroponic garden?

Hydroponics and hydroponic farming is a form of agriculture that is being used currently very much, that uses substances special minerals, and water instead of soil or soil to grow plants in a nutshell a hydroponics garden would be a garden it has no land but water. It is important to note that these types of gardens […]

How to grow plants in water?

In case you didn’t know, the only way to grow plants at home is not by using a pot and a little soil, you can also use water to grow them. It should be noted that the soil is the essential medium to support the plant in a straight way, allowing the nutrients to be taken correctly through […]

Create a low maintenance garden

Although many people may not have a large backyard to accommodate different types of plants and shrubs, we have already mentioned how to go about having our own garden on a balcony or terrace. However, little has been said about creating a low-maintenance garden. In this way, if you do not have time, or simply prefer to […]

5 Medicinal plants to grow at home

As we have already mentioned on different occasions, in addition to being able to grow vegetables, greens, and fruits in our own garden, which we use to make salads, dishes, or sauces, we can also grow certain medicinal plants that will help us at specific times. It is for this reason, that today, we present you with 5 […]

The smallest flower in the world

As you must already know and have surely seen on occasion, on our planet, there are very strange and rare species of plants and flowers. It is for this reason that today we bring you a flower, considered the smallest flower in the world. We are talking about the Wolffia angusta, also known as the Australian duckweed. The […]

Fruit thinning on fruit trees

For those who do not know this term, fruit thinning is a task that is done with fruit trees, to unload the fruits to obtain larger ones instead of very small fruits. This task is done with the aim that the fruits reach a larger size and is essential in many fruit trees such as pear, apple, and […]

Choosing the type of soil for a small garden

If you have been thinking about designing a small garden in an outdoor space of your house, it is time you get down to work, because today, we will help you choose the soil, that is, the type of coverage you will use. Do not think that this is a decision to take lightly, on the contrary, the […]

Pests on climbing plants

As we have seen on different occasions, vines, or climbing plants, are plants that serve to decorate walls, walls or any other place; they can make a pergola look more beautiful and natural than it really is. However, it is important that, like any other plant, we pay close attention to it and watch out for pests or […]

Types of humus

Surely on more than one occasion, you have heard about the need for hummus in plants and in the soil in your garden, but have you ever wondered what type of element is humus? It is for this reason that today we are going to tell you a little about this organic fertilizer that is essential for the […]

Compost for a vegetable garden

As we all know, compost is a very important element to take into account when planting any tree, flower or crop, and for that reason this time we want to tell you a little about compost for a vegetable garden. It is important to note that we can use different types of compost in a garden, but […]

Grow hanging plants

The summertime is coming and with it the high temperatures, which allow us to go out to the balcony and the garden to enjoy a beautiful day in contact with nature. It is the ideal time for us to start taking care of our plants and trying a new way of decorating with hanging plants. The species hanging […]

How to grow fruits and vegetables in pots?

When we have talked about growing vegetables and fruits, we have always talked about how to do it in an orchard or a garden, however, in case you did not know, any type of cultivation can also be done in pots. Growing your fruits and vegetables in pots is a very good alternative since you can allocate […]

Combine Plants in Planters

One of the most beautiful options when decorating our windows, or balconies and terraces, are the planters, especially if we are not looking to plant the plants directly in the ground. The planters or large pots are very beautiful, especially when inside them, we combine different species of flowers, colors, and appearances, to give a very special […]

Easy to Care Plants

To take care of the plants in our garden, balcony, terrace, or indoors, it is important that we have a lot of patience and time to dedicate to them. The most frequent problem is that, generally, many of us do not have enough time, we cannot dedicate ourselves to the plants in an adequate way, to be […]

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