Rosa Duet: everything you need to know about the rose bush and its care

Pink Duet

How about adding some special rose varieties to your garden? Do you know the Duet rose? Do you know how it is? This rose cultivar is one of the prettiest for gardens.

Therefore, below we are going to give you the keys so that you can know the characteristics of the Duet rose as well as the care it needs to develop correctly.

How is the rose Duet

Petal details

About the Duet rose the first thing you should know is that it we are talking about a rose that is part of the Hybrid tea group. She was born in 1960 when American rosalist Herb Swim got her in California. And it was all thanks to two roses: Fandango and Roundelay.

It is characterized by having a bushy habit but at the same time upright. In fact, it can easily reach 100-165 centimeters in height while, in width, it only reaches 60 centimeters.

As for the leaves, these are usually dark green and quite shiny. But What most attracts the attention of the Duet rose are its flowers. It begins with ovoid buds and the flowers are pink (although the color is darker on the reverse). It is made up of about 30 petals and is medium in size.

The rose bush almost always blooms solitary, but sometimes you can find small groups of buds, in such a way that, when it is more adult, they have a cup shape and create those groups of flowers.

Rose Duet Characteristics

Hybrid Duet Roses

After learning about the Duet rose, you may have thought that it would look great in your garden. Or in a pot on the terrace. However, In order for it to develop well, it is necessary that you meet the needs of this plant.

Therefore, as a guide, we leave you here what we consider most important. Pay attention.

location and temperature

Like all rose bushes the Duet rose is one of those that will need the sun to grow and develop. Therefore, we recommend that you put it in a place where it gets at least 7-8 hours of direct sunlight. It is true that you can also have it in semi-shade or in shade. But these two places will flourish much less.

Also, this will help make the leaves brighter and the colors look much stronger. Yes indeed, if it is too hot you may need to place it in a slightly less sunny placeespecially in the hours of more solar incidence.

Regarding temperatures, you shouldn’t worry about the heat, because it tolerates it quite well. Like the cold. However, We must warn you of several things: on the one hand, that it is a plant that, if there are sporadic frosts, tolerates them; but not if they are continuous; on the other hand, that during the first year, or the first two, you will have to pay more attention to the plant until it adapts to the climate you have.


Rose bushes are plants that tolerate almost any soil. But if you really want it to have a suitable soil, we can recommend that you make a mixture with a universal substrate, worm humus (or a soil that allows it to maintain humidity) and all this combined with some drainage to oxygenate it and make it light.

Sometimes, especially when it is transplanted, you could also apply some organic fertilizer, as a fertilizer, which will help the plant to be much healthier. Yes indeed, If you do, keep in mind that the subscriber will not be necessary later.


Rose bushes do not need very continuous watering. But In the case of Hybrid tea, it does require a greater amount of water than others. Even so, we are not talking about you having to water it every day, and abundantly, far from it.

In general, during the spring, you could start watering it 1-2 times a week to, in the summer, double the watering times. Everything will depend to a large extent on the weather and where you live, as well as the humidity.

In autumn and winter it will be necessary to space out the risks much more to avoid the appearance of fungi or that the water gets too flooded.



Regarding the subscriber, in general it is added during the spring and summer months, which is when they flower and need a greater amount of energy. That is why We recommend that you bet on a liquid fertilizer or a long-lasting one (to mix with the earth every so often).

Of course, if you have just planted it, it is better not to throw it in because the soil will have the nutrients that the plant needs and you could overfertilize it (and that would consume the rose bush beforehand).


The Duet rose, like many other rose bushes, will need to be pruned in the fall (or wait until the end of winter if it is very harsh where you live). But also you will have to maintain a maintenance pruning by removing the withered flowers and the branches that die or are weak to keep it healthy; especially because this way you avoid pests and diseases.

Plagues and diseases

Although it is said that rose bushes are very resistant, the truth is that, sometimes, They can cause many problems in terms of pests and diseases.. And being vigilant can be the difference between saving it or not.

In the case of pests, the most common are mites, aphids and thrips. These can be eliminated by washing the plant from top to bottom and preventing their appearance.

However, in the case of diseases, the rose bushes have, above all, the virus and powdery mildew. However, it does not mean that there are only these; there may be more diseases such as root rot (due to poor irrigation); loss of color (due to lack of sun); or even the black spots on the leaves that rot until the entire rose bush is affected.


To end, the propagation of the Duet rose is carried out above all through cuttings of the branches that can take root and give a new plant.

Of course, it is not easy to do it, so we recommend you watch some videos that will help you carry it out with a greater chance of success.

Now You already have all the keys to the Duet rose and you know the keys to take care of itAll you have to do is get a copy and put it in your garden. It is not a rose bush too difficult to obtain. Do you dare to plant it?

Rosa Duet: everything you need to know about the rose bush and its care

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